Entering the evolution of Doja Cat style (Yuh)-E!online

And the prize just kept coming. In April, she won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo or SZA’s Group Performance Award for her song “Kiss Me More.” Planet Har.. She shocked the fans during the award speech and ran from the bathroom to the stage. SZAHe went up to the podium with his crutches and jokingly said, “I went to the bathroom for about 5 minutes, are you serious?”

Finally arrived next to SZA to accept the award, Doja told the crowd, “I have never taken such a fast piss in my life.”

In addition to her friendly and candid moments, she is in awe of the glittering tan high-slit dress with gold heels, an appearance that combines the charm of a Grammy with her distinctive eccentric style. I held the feeling of.

Over the last five years, Doja has moved away from the artists behind the viral hit “Mooo!”. Winner of the Grammy Awards, she is growing as a fashion icon today. In 2018, she went all-in with an animal-inspired look, whether it’s a two-piece cow spotted music video or a BET Awards hot-pink cat-inspired gown.

Entering the evolution of Doja Cat style (Yuh)-E!online

Source link Entering the evolution of Doja Cat style (Yuh)-E!online

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