Ensuring safety by utilizing DEI in construction

All three levels of government make career advancement in skilled occupations a priority. Part of the process of finding, attracting, and retaining workers in an organization is outreach, Thrasher says, an area his team has been focusing on.

“One of the things we try to do is really explore the inclusion and belonging, the diversity part, and the community part. It gives access to people who weren’t, etc. There’s a potential opportunity to make a deal.”

Thrasher cites the Hammerheads program as one of the organizations Plan Group is working with to help at-risk youth learn careers. But that’s just the beginning, he says. So, he says, we have begun our journey…but there is a long way to go. ”

Conversations about these initiatives are being held at the highest levels of the company, Thrasher says. Thrasher says executives, his vices, his president, CEO, labor managers, and other directors have all been involved in implementing this type of outreach his initiative.

Thrashers also have a personal motivation to make their workplace a safe space. “I’m gay and in the construction industry,” Thrasher says.

Ensuring safety by utilizing DEI in construction

Source link Ensuring safety by utilizing DEI in construction

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