Engagement Tools – CMO Discusses with Celia Fleischaker

In the early days of Covid-19, customer engagement was hit by a combination of attitude and behavioral changes and unprecedented changes in the amount of customer interaction. As sales move to digital channels and consumer expectations rise, organizations are gaining a new awareness of the importance of technology.

“The area of ​​customer engagement has changed a lot,” said Celia Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer of Verint, a global provider of customer engagement software. “With the move to digital, companies are looking for ways to stay in touch and engage with their customers, as well as how to build relationships with them.”

Fleischaker is a marketing executive with over 25 years of experience in an inter-company technology organization and joined the ITWC CMO Fawn Annan in October 2021. CMO talk, A podcast series designed to showcase strategies for gaining competitiveness through the crossroads of marketing and technology. Their discussion focused on the fusion of the CMO’s role and technology against the backdrop of a powerful new and powerful customer engagement tool.

Connection is everything

From the perspective of Fleischaker as CMO of a company that helps organizations pivot to address the new complexity of customer and workplace dynamics, Verint is considered one of the best customer engagement companies. I have. “It’s all about connections,” she said.

Celia fly shaker
Celia Fleischaker – Verint Chief Marketing Officer

“It’s when customers want to connect, where they want to connect, and how they want to connect.”

Fleischaker also said that Verint’s success is due to the breadth of its cloud platform, AI technology, and the ability to use data to create empathy, so people really understand where their customers are coming from. You can predict your needs. “As a CMO, we have a lot of data about our customers, such as how they interact with our website and what they are looking at,” she said. “Verint can derive information from these interactions to a single data hub and platform and use that data to drive better experiences and build better relationships.”

Fill the engagement capacity gap

After discussing the current engagement capacity gap, where many companies cannot keep up with digitally driven growth with equal investment in resources, Fleischaker leverages Verint Tools to fill the gap in two examples of businesses. I mentioned. Renowned retailers use digital behavioral analytics and experienced management solutions to quickly understand market trends, and leading credit card companies can reduce onboarding time for customer engagement workers from six weeks to two weeks. I did.

In response to Annan’s question as to why CMOs should embrace the fusion of marketing and technology, Fleischaker confessed that he was wondering why CMOs wouldn’t welcome technology. “This is a very important part of what we do in marketing,” she said. Budget and resources. “

Not all AIs are created the same

Fleischaker emphasized the importance of maximizing investment in AI for artificial intelligence, which is at the core of Verint’s cloud platform. “This is a great tool and there are many ways to use it, but not all AIs are created the same,” she said. In her opinion, it’s an area where you can influence and show results very quickly – the goal she says is more with Verint’s AI blueprint tools that help organizations focus on their efforts. Easy to achieve.

Podcasts provide advice to the CMO, such as having a culture that is safe to fail, balancing the time it takes to run and drive your business, and working with other members of your organization to improve the customer experience. It was closed. “CMOs have been working in digital channels for years, so there’s a lot to bring to the business,” she said. “At Verint, we work with many of the world’s most iconic brands. It’s a great opportunity to help them promote better connections and relationships with their customers.”

Engagement Tools – CMO Discusses with Celia Fleischaker

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