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Enderby’s mayoral candidates made their case at an all-candidates forum held at the local senior center on Wednesday night, September 21.

Nearly 100 people attended the event to learn more about the candidates they will vote for in the October 15th election.

Moderator Jackie Peerace posed a dozen questions to candidates Greg McCune and Huck Galbraith. Among them are how we help residents cope with the higher cost of living, whether we support street compost collection, how we push the truth forward and reconcile with local indigenous peoples. population, and how to attract more workers, especially doctors, to the community.

“My vision for Enderby is to make it an inclusive community that includes Indigenous peoples, local members, businesses and citizens of the town,” Galbraith said.

Incumbent McCune, who has been mayor for just under eight years, said his vision for Enderby includes preparing for the challenges ahead.

“We knew for 10 or 12 years that the North Okanagan would grow. It’s challenging,” McCune said. “But we are now in a situation where perhaps a financial crisis is looming, so I think the vision is to stay where we are going and allow us to adapt.”

Asked what would be Enderby’s biggest challenge over the next four years, Galbraith said the rising cost of housing is significant and that the overall cost of living affects everyone.

“We need to try to attract new growth to the town and keep taxes low,” Galbraith said.

McCune agreed that the cost of housing is one of Enderby’s biggest challenges going forward, adding that recovery from the pandemic is still struggling. McCune said the city needs to focus on sustainable growth.

“We want to grow and be able to provide services that people need, but in a way that everyone feels comfortable using.”

The question of how to attract more doctors to Enderby elicited a reaction from the audience, as it is a question on the minds of many residents. Both candidates said the city needed more locally grown talent for the town doctor position. , McCune suggested the city should keep young people in medical school and stay in the community.

In a bizarre question about whether candidates will or won’t allow the noisily polluting burnout to continue at the summer’s Friday Night Lights event, McCune endorses it as a way for the community to come together. Stated.

“There are a lot of people who don’t like fireworks, but there are a lot of people who don’t like fireworks,” he said.

Galbraith said he also supports the tournament, but will move it away from the town center.

“From what I understand, more people have been brought into this town, more than double the population, so I’m sure there’s been some business out there,” he said. .

Both candidates said they would support enforcing street compost collection as per neighboring cities such as Vernon.

General Election Day is Saturday, October 15 from 8am-8pm Advance Election Day will be held on October 5 at Enderby City Hall from 8am-8pm Special for Parkview Place Residents You’ll also have the opportunity to vote on October 12th from 10am to 12pm.

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Enderby Mayoral Candidates Face Off at Forum – Vernon Morning Star

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