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The City of Enderby will experience a community-wide power outage on Saturday, September 24th.

BC Hydro has announced that the power outage will be from 8am to 2pm. A BC Hydro spokeswoman said the outage was estimated to last up to six hours.

The outage is due to a planned equipment upgrade being undertaken by BC Hydro.

BC Hydro reported to The Morning Star that the blackout extended north to the Mara, stopping short of Lake Mara and Sicamus, covering all of Enderby, to the Kingfisher area by Mabel Lake Resort, and further south into the Trinity Valley. said to reach.

Water service will also be suspended from 8am to 2pm for customers using water from Grindrod and Mabel Lake.

Enderby Chief Administrative Officer Tate Bengsson said the city has a response plan to keep drinking water and sewage flowing during power outages.

During the course of the outage, many Enderby facilities will be affected, including potable water and sewerage, but critical water and wastewater components will continue to supply and store treated potable water and treat sanitary sewer streams. will continue to work to .

Two factors affect service locally. High water demand and rainy weather during outages.

“In any of these scenarios, the mobile backup power system may need to be reprioritized and relocated to another location to manage peak water and wastewater demand. area may experience reduced or interrupted water service,” the city said in an update. on that website.

During outages, residents are asked to limit water use to essential uses only. This is because it helps the city maintain services throughout the community.

During power outages, we will provide a temporary phone number for utility emergency response only through the city’s sewage treatment plant. For public works emergencies, call 250-838-0785 and leave a voicemail. The message is automatically transcribed and sent to the city’s response team. Inquiries for general information about the outage, questions about non-city facilities, or inquiries that do not require immediate attention will be answered at a later time.

The city said, “Please use it only for public works emergencies so that it can be easily understood by those who need it.”

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Enderby Brace for Community-Wide Blackouts – Vernon Morning Star

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