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clock: ‘Emily in Paris’ Cast Confirmed: Gabriel vs. Alfie

It’s time to say “Bonjour!”To Emily in Paris once again.

On September 22nd, Netflix will Darren Star– Producing the long-awaited third season of the comedy starring Lily Collins as the title character. In the chic image, Emily, Mindy (Ashley Park), Gabriel (lucas bravo) and Silvie (Philippines Leroy Beaulieu) until we follow the events of Season 2.

For those in need of a refresher, the finale saw Emily face an impossible choice: join Sylvie at a new marketing agency, or stay loyal to her longtime American boss, Madeline. continue (Kate Walsh). Her romantic life was similarly turbulent. Meanwhile, Emily’s boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) while preparing to return to London, asked her to try long distance, but felt she was still attracted to Gabriel.

Unfortunately for Emily, Gabrielle has since reunited with ex-girlfriend Camille (Camille Raza). mondieuright?

Emily in Paris Season 3 – E! Online

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