Emily Engel-Natsuke joins the Capitals as NHL’s first full-time female coach

Emily Engel Natsuke was hired as a video coach for Washington Capitals and became the first woman to hold a full-time position in the National Hockey League coach staff.

Capitals announced hiring on Thursday. This is the latest in a series of promotions for women around the NHL in recent months, after decades of slow sports diversification in coaching and executive ranks.

“It’s a kind of hyperreality,” Engel Natsuke said of being the first woman to be nominated as an NHL video coach. A week ago I wouldn’t have hoped it would be a big deal. But given all that is happening geopolitically, I think it’s a great honor to be the first. Hopefully it only opens more doors for this job and those who want to get into this profession. “

Engel Natsuke, 31, was born in Washington’s top minor league affiliate Hershey Bears and was the first woman to become a full-time member of the American Hockey League coaching staff.

“This is what we got and what it deserves,” said Peter Raviolet. For me, we got the best person, and that’s the most important thing. “

Engel Natsuke, who played two seasons of Division III hockey at Adrian University in 2010-12, began producing videos for the University of Wisconsin Men’s and Women’s Program in 2015. She became a full-time assistant for male coach Tony Granato. A few years later.

“When she first came, one of the questions I asked her was,” What do you want to do with this? Is this a full-time gig for you? It’s you at another level What do you want to pursue? “” Granato said. “And she said,” Yeah, I want to understand how I can be the first woman to reach the NHL on the video side of things. “

Engel-Natzke does heavy work to prepare professionals in Wisconsin, then takes another step in Hershey, presents his opponent’s 5-5 scout report, and gets more involved in the team’s day-to-day work. became.

“She has grown a lot in her position just to learn the professional side of the game. Emily is a very hardworking worker who wants to learn and has been here for two years. , She did that. She always wanted to do more than contribute to the team in the best possible way to make us successful. “

After learning about her from Capitals’ longtime video coach Brett Leonhardt, Helmer said he hired Engel Natsuke, like La Violette, based on his experience and her interviews. “You take her name, her resume and give it any name, she was qualified for her,” he said.

Engel Natsuke was hired after the Chicago Blackhawks promoted Megan Hunter to Deputy General Manager and New Jersey Devils promoted Megan Dougan to Director of Player Development. Hunter became the fourth woman to be nominated as Assistant GM and joined Emily Castongeye and Cammi Granato in Vancouver as women currently engaged in the job.

“It’s really encouraging to see women in different roles such as coaching, management, exercise training and equipment management,” says Engel Natsuke. She hopes it won’t be a big deal in a few years — it’s a kind of another employment. “

Emily Engel-Natsuke joins the Capitals as NHL’s first full-time female coach

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