Emily Bett Rickers has “no filters”, “playing”, “chaotic chaotic” and “need to talk” characters

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Emily Bett Rickers many I had to talk to myself to say “we need to talk” and also away from the camera.

Rickers will star in Todd Wolfe’s new drama “We Need to Talk,” along with James Maslow and Tray Chainy. Rickers portrays dull, frankly, chaotic amber. She wasn’t inspired by the actress’s personal life, but she exploded playing such a quirky character.

“No one in my life is chaotic and chaotic. I like chaotic neutrality, right?” She says. “Amber is just a chaotic shoot. It’s so much fun to play that you’re free. There’s no filter. Get it and do some sort of thing.”

Wolf’s new movie tells the story of YouTuber, a famous game portrayed by Maslow, who faced his own absence in his romantic relationship for the growing success of his career. Rickers shares her personal tips on the balance between her work and life.

“I think treatment is a good tool. Checking in by myself is a really good tool. I think I’m in my twenties — I say I’m in my early twenties, but maybe by the time I’m 28, 20 Like most of the teens — it’s about speeding things up, a little after I was on the other side.

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“I’m still doing that. I’m still thinking about my propensity. I just want to keep things in a hurry. No one else is going to do it for you, so you It’s like that check-in process yourself, so there’s a place to check in. “

Rickers begs people to find a creative exit.

“What really matters to me is having a creative outlet that doesn’t work as well,” she shares. “That’s what that means. Many people think,” I’m not a creative person. ” Everyone has creativity. One by one. If you are the being of this earth, you have creativity. Find out what that blissful part is. “

As a result, Rickers took a two-year pause in performance shortly after the production of “We Need to Talk” was completed in 2020.

“So, after doing’we need to talk’, I went to New York, where I did a show other than Broadway,” she says. “After that, I decided to take a break. I worked at home, but I hadn’t seen much with my family for those eight years, so I wanted to write and spend time with my family. , I didn’t know that.

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“There was a big life-changing moment when some of the really important family members died. It was a very important notice for me because I wasn’t really present. I think it took me some time to get out of it. I went home after New York, sat down a bit with catatonia, digested and metabolized what happened in most of my twenties. Now fresh around. There’s a nice air and that’s great. “

Moving away from this performance has had a significant impact on allowing Rickers to readjust.

“Some of it will be forced and some will be what you think you chose,” she says. “I think it’s life too. You’re there somehow, and then you get jitter. That’s right, I want to work.” And it said, “Oh, I chose this. like what?

“Where is it offensive and learning what it is, and at least how I treat it personally was a very interesting revelation to know myself?”

Rickers and its company will premiere “We Need to Talk” for fans on May 12th, followed by an on-demand release of the movie on May 13th.

Emily Bett Rickers has “no filters”, “playing”, “chaotic chaotic” and “need to talk” characters

Source link Emily Bett Rickers has “no filters”, “playing”, “chaotic chaotic” and “need to talk” characters

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