Emergency and primary care center opens in Gorge, Victoria – Victoria News

New medical options in Victoria are open to those seeking immediate treatment.

On Monday (September 19), a new Urgent and Primary Care Center (UPCC) opened at Gorge Road Hospital’s Long Term Care Facility (63 Gorge Rd. East).

The center is offering a limited number of appointments as it will open in phases, according to the state. Hiring more staff is an ongoing process, but the center will eventually have approximately 23 full-time equivalent (FTE) healthcare providers.

These positions include general practitioners, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, mental health and substance use clinicians, nursing unit assistants, and social workers. They provide care such as diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses, harm reduction supplies and education, reproductive medicine, immunizations and injections, early detection, chronic disease management, referrals to community services, and pre- and post-surgical care.

“Our team of experts will provide comprehensive long-term care to families and people in our community and we see a great opportunity to work with other UPCCs in Victoria to increase access to care. It will be.” Leads the Gorge Site.

The state said the center would accompany patients to ensure follow-up care was provided after the initial visit.These patients were combined with other services provided on-site and through the Victoria Primary Care Network. Receive a range of primary care services.

Another purpose of the site is for people with non-life-threatening conditions, such as sprained ankles or sore throats, who need to see a health care provider within 24 hours but do not need an emergency department. is to provide care to UPCC also provides specialized emergency primary care for the elderly, medically infirm, and those with mental health or substance use problems, the state said.

You can call the center at 250-519-3800 daily from 8:00 pm to arrange same-day care.

Greater Victoria has five other primary care centers in downtown Victoria, Eskimalt, James Bay, North Quadra and Langford.

Several clinics have closed in the area for 2022, but the state said Wednesday that the Gorge Center demonstrates a commitment to facilitating access to primary care across Victoria and BC.

Health Minister Adrian Dix said: “The Gorge’s new emergency and primary care center means more people in the region will be able to expand access to the team-based comprehensive health care they need, when they need it. increase.

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Emergency and primary care center opens in Gorge, Victoria – Victoria News

Source link Emergency and primary care center opens in Gorge, Victoria – Victoria News

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