eleven-x’s eXactpark solution selected by City of Guelph to improve parking access and urban mobility, The Canadian Business Journal

WATERLOO, ON NOVEMBER 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eleven-Xis a global leader in providing complete, high-performance wireless IoT and smart city solutions, and today the City of Guelph implemented its innovative solution to help municipalities manage and manage their two-hour free parking program. announced that it had been selected to help improve surveillance. eXactpark™ solution. eleven-x’s smart parking solution enables comprehensive parking monitoring through real-time sensor-based parking lot occupancy technology and a comprehensive software and parking intelligence platform, enabling effective management of city parking assets. to

The City of Guelph is located in central Southern Ontario, a vibrant community of over 143,000 people located in a vibrant city center. eXactpark helps cities make better use of limited parking resources by providing real-time parking lot occupancy data and software that uses this data to manage parking assets and implement advanced intelligent enforcement capabilities. can be managed to reduce traffic congestion.

This comprehensive solution incorporates eleven-x’s award-winning, patent-pending SPS-X sensor that provides stall occupancy data to the eXactpark software suite. The sensor utilizes multiple technologies including magnetic sensing, radar, Bluetooth and advanced edge processing to provide industry leading battery life, reliability and most importantly accuracy. The sensors will be installed in two phases, starting with 250 stalls in the municipality’s unique downtown district, with a further 1,750 stalls to be deployed throughout the city to provide advanced real-time analysis of key parking metrics. is. The eXactpark software suite not only provides the city with parking intelligence software, but also enables intelligent parking enforcement capabilities so the city can better monitor its two-hour free parking program. Sensors are used to detect how long the vehicle has been parked in a space, enforce his two-hour limit for free, and inform long-term planning of parking needs.

“Many local governments have free parking policies. It is usually difficult to effectively monitor, manage and comply with the usage of resources provided free of charge. This leads to excessive traffic. It makes it difficult to maintain the best experience for drivers, frustrating residents, visitors and ultimately the small business owners who depend on them. Features such as enforcement will help the City of Guelph streamline parking operations, reducing costs while reducing traffic and improving access to downtown businesses.”

eXactpark’s intelligent enforcement and real-time status and monitoring capabilities are essential for cities as they help reduce cruise times, improve road safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The data and insights provided by the smart parking solution will provide the City of Guelph with actionable insights to support parking asset planning and dynamic pricing initiatives.

“This technology will help make downtown parking easier and more convenient. These sensors improve road safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the city.” Car Park Program Manager, City of Guelph As one Jamie Zettle puts it: “We decided to partner with eleven-x after successfully implementing his eXactpark solution in several major North American cities and institutions.”

eXactPark uses LoRaWAN®, is a low-power technology that offers 10-year battery life and minimal maintenance. For more information on eleven-x’s eXactpark solution, visit his website at: Accurate

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eleven-x has a world-renowned reputation as a global leader in providing wireless, high-performance, IoT and smart city solutions for cities, campuses and enterprises. Customers leverage our expertise to provide comprehensive, easy-to-use and fully scalable solutions to reduce costs, drive additional revenue and, most importantly, serve them better. To do.

eleven-x is now transforming the parking experience through eXactpark™, ​​providing industry-leading parking technology. eXactpark™ is a sensor-based space occupancy monitoring solution and comprehensive software platform that enables frictionless parking for drivers and parking managers. Built on his award-winning, patent-pending SPS-X sensor, his eXactpark enables customers to reduce traffic, real-time status availability, improve compliance, increase revenue, reduce operating costs, reduce GHG It helps you reach the important goal of reducing your emissions. This solution is used by North American cities and institutions to successfully address mobility challenges.visit For more information follow twitter, LinkedInWhen Youtube.

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eleven-x’s eXactpark solution selected by City of Guelph to improve parking access and urban mobility, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link eleven-x’s eXactpark solution selected by City of Guelph to improve parking access and urban mobility, The Canadian Business Journal

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