Edmonton Weather: It gets colder when it gets colder

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See today’s weather in Edmonton by the Canadian Ministry of the Environment.

The temperature on Tuesday morning at Edmonton Blatchford Station was -10.2C, with a wind chill of 7km / h from the northeast and a chill of -14.

Hey you. Hey you. Yeah, you. I’m talking to you. With hair, face and coffee over there. Yeah, you. listen. Please listen carefully. Please listen carefully. caution. I have a cold. And the cold will be cold. It’s really cold, not the recent cold. Cold cold. Friday and Saturday. cold. It’s coming. And now you know. Yeah. You are. Yeah, you. cold. Arrival. coffee. More coffee. All coffee.

Does Lisa need a coat (and mittens)?

surely. Make a big gun stand by.


(Laughs this is Nathan, and I secretly hijacked this weather story, but just for this line hahahahahaha enjoy the rest of your day)

Today’s weather forecast

today: Cloudy. There are a few wind flowers this morning. This afternoon, the wind will be 20 km / h northwest. High-9C. Wind chill of -15 this morning and -21 today. UV index 1 or less.

tonight: Some clouds. Tonight the wind will be weaker at 20km / h northwest. Low-19 C.-24 wind chill.

tomorrow: Mainly sunny. Wind up to 15km / h. High-13C. Wind chills of -26 in the morning and -17 in the afternoon. UV index 1 or less. It becomes cloudy overnight. Low -18 ℃.

sunrise: 8:17 am

sunset:5:18 pm


Average highest: -5 C

Average minimum: -14C


Maximum: -7.4 C

Minutes: Minutes: -18.8C

Total precipitation: 0 mm

This day (1996-2019)

Maximum temperature: 9.2 ° C (2005)

Minimum temperature: -27.2 C (2019)

Cold street

According to Homeward Trust Edmonton, there are nearly 1,900 homeless people in the city today, and it’s this cold that is dangerous for people living outdoors. Think about them today or consider donating to one of Edmonton’s local charities, Boyle Street, Vissel Center, and Mustard Seeds.

Edmonton Weather: It gets colder when it gets colder

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