Edmonton Airport Develops On-Demand Transportation App with Japanese Companies

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Edmonton Airport is working with Japanese tech companies to develop an app that provides on-demand bus services to travelers staying in the area.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (NTT), one of Asia’s largest technology and communications companies, signed a partnership agreement with Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation (JOIN) to develop smart transportation projects on Thursday. Announced in.

One of those projects includes a one-year pilot of Airport City’s on-demand bus service, including regional facilities such as hotels, shops and raceways. From sometime in the fall, visitors to the airport will be able to call the bus using the app or website to get to one of these destinations.

Myron Keehn, Vice President of Aviation Services and Business Development at EIA, said in an email that it would be the first Canadian airport to test this technology.

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“Our airport is a’living laboratory’that has the opportunity to benefit both our environment and the general public,” he said. “We are focused on improving the travel experience for our passengers. This new pilot program will help us test the software and make our bus services more responsive. This will control our passengers. You will be able to, and instead of waiting on a fixed schedule, you will have greater flexibility in accessing transit services on the Airport City Sustainability Campus. “

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Five buses will be part of the first pilot. This is to measure how often and where people hail for a ride. The EIA then decides if it has the potential to extend its service to other bus routes and service areas.

The new service is also linked to the airport’s goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by making transportation more efficient, Keane said.

“It can potentially reduce the time it takes for the bus to operate,” he said. “In the future, as the level of passengers rises, this will help us provide the most efficient service possible, saving travel time, emissions and energy. It embraces innovation and environmental issues. It’s an example of how things can help your business. “

Leslie Omel, president of NTT Data Services Canada, said in a news release that he is pleased that the company has partnered with JOIN to serve EIA.

“NTT DATA’s local presence in the state, coupled with the success of smart solutions in other cities, was the key to providing the expertise needed for this project,” Ormel said.

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Edmonton Airport Develops On-Demand Transportation App with Japanese Companies

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