Ecclesiastical Insurance parent company rebranding

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, the parent company of Ecclesiastical Insurance, has rebranded and renamed Benefact Group.

Owned by the registered charity Benefact Trust, the Benefact Group was founded to protect the parish church from fire and has grown into an international group with three divisions: insurance, investment, brokers and advisory in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Did. This includes over 30 professional financial businesses such as Church Insurance, EdenTree Investment Management, SEIB, Lycetts and Lloyd & White brokers.

As a charity-owned group, Benefact Group has become a corporate donor to the UK’s fourth largest charity, donating all available interests for legitimate purposes. Its new name comes from Latin and better reflects its diversity, breadth and purpose, meaning “it works by supporting a person or a legitimate purpose.”

Despite the new name and brand identity, Ecclesiastical Insurance and other trading brands of the group will continue to operate under that name and remain part of the group.

Regarding the change, Mark Hughes, CEO of Benefact Group, said:We are very proud of the new name that reflects our unique purpose [and] The breadth of what we offer our valued trading partners represents an ambitious new chapter for families of groups and specialist businesses. ”

Richard Coleman, Managing Director of Ecclesiastical Insurance, has ensured that the brand will continue to trade as a trusted partner of experts and brokers in its market.

“We have a reputation as one of the most trusted, ethical and quality insurance companies on the market, and all the benefits available to churches, charities, and other legitimate causes. This mission is We can serve more of those legitimate purposes because we give us a continuous focus on the continuity of all true purposes and the growth of our business with our partners, “he said. rice field.

The Benefact Group plans to donate £ 250m for legitimate purposes by 2025, and its trading brand operates according to the same high ethical standards.

Ecclesiastical Insurance parent company rebranding

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