Early Challenger of Top Pick in 2023

Sportsnet’s first 2022 NHL draft ranking was released on Thursday. You can see them here..

Shane Wright is a clear first prospect going wire-to-wire, but there’s a lot of volatility since then.

Take Brad Lambert from Finland as an example. He is second on our list. After scoring 15 points in 46 games last season, Lambert scored 1 point at the start of nine games from 2021 to 2010. He earned a lot of currency in his play last season, but he has to wear boots.

In contrast, teammate Joakim Kemell (No. 9) leads Liga by 14 points in the first 12 games.

The November rankings look different as OHLers try to catch up and an international break takes place in less than a month.

Mac attack

It’s great to see Mason MacTavish not only make a roster of ducks, but also score his first NHL goal in his first NHL game. At 18 years and 256 days, MacTavish was the youngest duck to score a goal, thanks to NHL statistics. He also added help.

MacTavish, who snipes 29 times with OHL Pete at the age of 16 in Peterborough, went to his native Switzerland during a pandemic. In the professional league, MacTavish attacked nine times in 13 games, but he actually marked it in the U18 world. At that event, MacTavish proved that he could play in the center and be physical without sacrificing his attack. Undoubtedly, he was the most talked-about player after the event in Texas. Due to these additional layers in his game, McTavish was third overall to the ducks in the 2021 draft.

Neck pain

Hendrix Lapierre of Washington also scored on his NHL debut, becoming the seventh teenager in Cap’s history to score in his first NHL game. Lapierre was thought to be a symptom of a concussion and missed a lot of time in his draft minus one and draft year. There was one concussion, but the symptoms were the result of a neck problem diagnosed by a Florida expert. Thanks to diligence, dedication, patience, and additional support from agent Phil Lecavalier, La Pierre will steal the 2020 draft when Washington goes down to take him at the age of 22. maybe.

As an aside, thanks to NHL statistics, La Pierre wore an Ovechkin jersey in his first NHL game as a kid.

O Canada

Hockey Canada Brass was on alert when the NHL’s opening night roster was announced this week. Several qualified Canadian players at Edmonton’s 2022 World Juniors remained in their respective NHL clubs.

These players are Seth Jarvis (CAR), Jake Neighbors (STL), Cole Schillinger (CLB), Cole Perfetti (WPG), Mason McTabish (ANA), Jamie Drysdale (ANA), Hendrix. -Lapierre (WSH), Quinton Byfield (LAK, injured). Thanks to the rules of the new pandemic, Philadelphia prospects Kingston’s Zyed Wisdom and Barry’s Tyson Foerster have been assigned to the AHL Lee High Valley.

Bo show

Last year’s WJC captain Bowen Byram played 19 games against Colorado Avalanche in the 2020-21 season and assisted twice. The fourth overall pick of 2019 defeated Chicago 4-2 on Wednesday to score his first NHL goal. He’s hiding in the shadow of Cale Makar, but Byram is a future star.

sign up

At the end of the training camp, there are always some surprises about undrafted players invited to the camp and signed. Here are some examples of the season and a great motivation for anyone who hasn’t heard their name called in either of the last two drafts. The road to the NHL is not always clear, with undrafted players accounting for 91 (12.6 percent) of all players who created the NHL’s opening night roster.

Montreal: Kitchener Rangers Defense Arbor Xhekaj. A good skater at 6 feet 3 pounds and 204 pounds, playing a difficult and tricky role against defenders. Given that he didn’t play in 2020-21 due to the shutdown of OHL, this is an important sign of the player’s dedication.

Toronto: Flint Fire Bride Center Braden Wrestler. Cressler is centered around Flint’s top line, alongside New York Rangers first-rounder Brennan Ottoman. He is the playmaking center that achieved his first goal in the first OHL game of the season.

Arizona: Sanya Sting goalkeeper Anson Thornton is a former teammate of Shane Wright, Brandt Clarke, Brennan Ottoman and Don Mills Flyers. The Flyers won the OHL Cup in 2019. Thornton has the size and speed of the NHL, but most notably, it was adopted in the supplementary U18 draft after playing the 16-year-old season, rather than the OHL Priority choice. U18AAA loop.

Stay or move

Vancouver prospect Danila Klimovich, who scored six goals in five Belarusian games at the 2021 U18 World, is currently in Abbotsford, Kanax’s AHL affiliate. He was injured near the end of the camp and hasn’t returned yet. If he returns to junior when he is healthy, Klimovich will join QMJHL’s Luine Nolanda Huskies. Husky currently has a maximum of two imports on the roster, one of which must be released if Klimovich is lent. Rouyn-Noranda wants to have Klimovich skills, but the reconstruction team has a couple of years left in a club where fellow Danila Blush is one year younger and Klimovich is likely to be alone. It’s likely, so I’m happy to keep it. the end.

Happy Returns

Niagara Ice Dog goalkeeper Tucker Tainan, who was named OHL goalkeeper this week until October 10, suffered a life-threatening laceration in the match on December 12, 2019. In the first week, OHL season Tinan retreated Dogs to two wins with a 1.44 GAA and .950 save rate. A 19-year-old boy from Chicago played in the 10th round in Niagara in 2018.

Roof man

On October 28, Guy Lafleur’s No. 4 worn at Quebec Lempert will be officially hung from the rafters and retired from the league. In the plan for the day, this number is not currently worn by anyone in the league. During the 2020-21 season, when the pandemic was shortened, 14 players wore 4th place.

Swedish inflation

Talking to key Swedish contacts this week, he warned that Sweden’s U20 league statistics are swelling. There is a general belief that missing development time has affected a player’s ability to play a healthy defensive game.

pure gold

Keep an eye on Prince Albert Defense Terrell Goldsmith. The 6-foot-3, 2015-pound left shot defense is a throwback. Goldsmith, who benefited from playing at the 15-year-old Regina Hub last season, found himself engaged in a first-round Las Vegas pick and a fight on ice with former Winnipeg Ice Center Peyton Krebs. ..

From Fantili to Bay?

Talking about Adam Fantili seems to be eternal. The Chicago Steel Forward was drafted into OHL by the Saginaw Spirit, but his rights have recently been exchanged for five draft topics. Does this mean he will eventually go to North Bay? I don’t know yet. Michigan’s commitment is his birthday in late 2004. That is, they are not eligible for the NHL draft until 2023, the same year as Connor Bedard of Regina and Matbey Michikov of Russia. As the years go by, look for Fantilli to join the conversation as the first overall pick expected in 2023.

Don’t forget me

In 2023, Dalibrodvorsky will be added to the group of players mentioned along with Bedard and Michikov. This season, a scout told me he looked as good as both of these top prospects.

Great Yates

Good luck to Mark Yates, who recently broke up with InStat. Without Mark’s help last season, working on the NHL draft would have been nearly impossible. Mark is a great hockey mindset aimed at supporting the CHL franchise. Owners should note that Mark’s experience and keen eye are an asset to any organization.

Illness statistics

We can’t forget Geoffrey Brandow’s old friends and genius of statistics. I don’t use Twitter, but I’m constantly checking his feed for the amazing statistics surrounding CHL. Follow him.. It’s daunting that he doesn’t work in major networks or teams.

Brady’s benefits

One of the sad but very excited groups about Brady Tokachuk’s expansion is the USNT DPU18 program. Brady was skating with the program in Plymouth, Michigan, until he signed an extension with the Ottawa Senators. Quinn Hughes and Elia Spetteson also used the USA Hockey facility to skate with the team until they signed in to Vancouver.

Early Challenger of Top Pick in 2023

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