Durant’s “Hidden” Raptors as a Trader for Dark Horses

Superstar forward Kevin Durant shook the basketball base Thursday afternoon, expressing his desire to be traded by his current team, Brooklyn Nets.

Since then, rumors and trade simulations have been rampant as media and fans try to decipher the most likely landing points of the 12 All-Stars.

A seemingly unlikely candidate may appear: the Toronto Raptors.

Teams from the north could be dark horses to win the Durant proposed by ESPN’s Adrian Voinaroski in Friday’s edition Today’s NBA..

“I think the team that’s lurking and lurking in this is Toronto,” Voinaroski said. “They have all kinds of works you want and their choice to trade for Kevin Durant.”

Outstanding works that Toronto can offer include veteran and 2021-22 second team All-NBA selection Pascal Siakam, sharp shoot and ball hawking guard Gary Trent Jr., typical 3D wing OG Anunoby, and even franchise point guards. 2021-includes. 22 All-star Fred VanVleet. But arguably the most valuable trade chip reigns over the Rookie of the Year winner Scottie Barnes.

Wojnarowski adds that the Raptors ideally want to keep the Burns, and no matter what the caliber, there is no need to transfer the 4th overall pick in 2021 to any player.

Toronto has a fascinating asset, but will basketball business president Masai Ujiri and general manager Bobby Webster commit to a shake-up that will change the franchise with such teams?

Well, they did it before.

In July 2018, the Raptors played San Diego State University products in just nine contests last season, leaving him with one year to sign.

“(The Raptors) have an organization leader in Masai Ujiri. He gave Kawhi Leonard a chance and signed a contract for the remaining year,” Voinaroski said.

This opportunity was rewarded with Toronto winning the franchise’s first NBA Championship in the 2018-19 season and Leonard winning his second Finals MVP trophy.

Maybe you have the parts you need, and the Raptors brass has a track record of rolling dice, but does Durant want to go to Toronto for a long stay?

According to Wojnarowski, shortly after the request was announced, it was reported that the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns were on the “wish list” of Durant’s destination, but the Raptors were not mentioned.

Durant Some shape I’m interested in joining the franchise, citing the Raptors as his favorite team growing up in Washington, DC as a child.

But how much stock can management put in comments made nearly a decade ago on expressed interests dating back to the late 1990s and early 2000s?

Anyone who has landed on the best land ever needs a compelling destination with a trade package, courage, and long, mutually beneficial tenure.

Upon closer inspection, the Raptors seem to have a mix of ingredients that could make one of the biggest blockbuster deals in league history a success. The question is, as Voinaroski said, “How far will the Raptors go?”

Durant’s “Hidden” Raptors as a Trader for Dark Horses

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