Dubas talks about Sandin’s offer sheets, Campbell’s decision, and trade value

Montreal – Given that the Toronto Maple Leafs (and its general manager) were pressured to get better results in 2022-23, Kyldbass faced more questions about him on the eve of the NHL draft. Is a matter of course. The current player than the new hope he will bring to Fold this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, in a wide scrum at a hotel in downtown Montreal, Dubas was in talks with an unlimited number of free agents, negotiating with RFA Rasmus Sandin wasn’t easy, and preceded NHL’s busiest week. I talked about the trade situation. work.

Are you concerned about Sandin’s offer sheets?

A week before Sandin became a restricted free agent, his general manager sent a message through the media to defense agent Lewis Gross.

“If you have an offer sheet, the sooner you have it, the better, so we can make a decision and move on,” he said, saying that rival teams may try to scoop up the coveted 22-year-old. When asked if he was worried, Dubas replied.

Timothy Liljegren, a pending RFA companion, has signed a two-year, $ 2.8 million bridge contract. Undoubtedly, Sandin is offered something similar.

He wants more. And with so many veteran left-shot defenders, it’s unclear exactly where Sandin will fit in a lineup that didn’t crack after the season after rehabilitating a knee injury.

Maple Leafs needs a cap-friendly talent.

“They occupy most of our future,” Dubas said, summarizing Liljegren in his answer in Sandin’s negotiations. “They are much younger than the other full-time members of our Defense Corps, and we need them to keep taking a step forward.

“In the case of Rasmus, one of the main focal points is to set him up to stay healthy throughout the year and to devote him the right resources to do that.”

Dubas praised Sandin’s talent and competitiveness, but also challenged the Swedes to grow into the top four in Toronto.

“We see both him and Timothy moving forward,” Dubas said.

This is the catch.

Dubas prefers to bridge Sandin at the $ 1.4 million ballpark per season.

Without arbitration, the player’s only leverage is (a) not to participate in the training camp. This can hurt athletes who are already in the starting lineup bubble. Or (b) sign the offer sheet.

Inking Sandin for AAV between $ 2,100,742 and $ 4,201,488 will require rival clubs to make a second reward choice.

Campbell, Murazek’s “close to the decision time”

The goalkeeper Carousel’s chair has already been stolen and he is at risk of deploying the Petr Mrazek-Erik Källgren tandem on the opening night unless Dubas acts within next week.

(Pittsburgh has just re-signed backup Casey DeSmith and subtracted another goalkeeper from the already thin UFA class.)

Things can change, but Wednesday’s feeling is that 30-year-old Campbell (UFA shortly after earning just $ 5.78 million in his career) is elsewhere (Edmonton? New Jersey? Detroit?).

“It’s a well-known fact that goaltending is our priority and we continue to talk to him and his people,” Dubas said.

“Obviously, it’s a life-changing event, so it’s almost time for everyone, especially Jack, to make a decision, so keep talking to them here this week and weekend, and head to where you want to go next week. I’ll be ready. “

It’s true about Campbell, but Dubas talked more about Murazek with more encouragement.

The Czech suffered three inguinal injuries at the beginning of the three seasons of his contract with Toronto, recording the worst .888 save rate in his career. He is hanging as a trade bait.

Murasek has been training hard this summer with the intention of redeeming himself. Dubas pumped his tires on Wednesday and praised Murasek’s willingness to face the media after a tough outing during the off-season and his communication.

“Do you think he was the goalkeeper in 20 games last year? Or maybe he was the previous 270 goalkeeper. It gave the team a chance to win. A man with a save rate of 910. It was, “Dubas said.

“I would probably bet on a larger sample, and that’s where Peter fits in at the moment.”

Hmm … I’m not sure if Dubas sells himself or his potential trading partner in Murazek.

Many maple leaves have trade value

Dubas is a hockey idiot, exchanging pending UFA bargaining rights to win another pick in Thursday’s draft, lowering the ladder, and clearing up roster players to bring better assets. Claims to be “open to anything” during the season.

The rumored factory has cast names such as Murasek, Justin Hall and Alexander Carfoot as potential candidates to move this summer.

After 32 GMs landed in Montreal this week, they all have a good understanding of what others are trying to achieve. The problem is that the cap space is so small for all candidates that it is difficult to find a trade fit. Now is the time to run.

“If we need to create a cap space to improve our team, we’re confident that we can move as many players as needed with the right value, based on the conversations we’ve had so far,” Dubas said. Says.

“So I think we are in a good place there.”

The story of two Ilya

Both feel like long shots, but Toronto’s chances of re-signing defense Ilya Lubshkin are certainly more likely than winger Ilya Mikeev after a career-leading 21-goal campaign.

Dubas has revealed that he is ready to trade Mikeev’s right to negotiate for a draft topic if his opponent wants to get a good start in negotiating Russia’s next contract.

“Unfortunately, it’s very open and in negotiations there,” Dubas said. “Anything can change. It will never be completely closed, but we will see what happens.

“Otherwise, the three years in Toronto have been great. It’s a great story for us and our players who are coming in as free agents and trying to raise money using the resources we had.

“He put a lot of effort into recovering from the injury and obviously had a great season here. So that’s great for him. And in case the market changes, we’re with him. I will keep in touch. “

Executives were more optimistic about the rugged D-man Lubeshkin, where Reefs had “a lot of discussion.” (Read: There’s still a gap in the contract question, but it’s not as wide as Mikeev’s.)

“It will be a question of what we can buy, based on the minutes he could give us and the role he could give us.” Said Dubas.

“We want to get him back. But that’s a great opportunity for him and his family as an unlimited free agent. But hopefully we want him.”

The 28-year-old Lubeshkin earned a total of $ 4.15 million in the NHL’s four seasons. His profile and profitability may never be high.

Back burner man

If you’re looking for Michael Bunting’s extended news, check back later.

Breakout Calder finalists Bunting, Carfoot, Hall, and the valuable depth center David Kamp are a year away from turning to UFA and are eligible to sign an extension as early as July 13. I have.

But don’t expect them to be that fast.

Dubas focuses on drafts and free agents, so he puts those conversations on the waiting list. He calms the dust in a week or two and re-evaluates the cap photo before talking about the initial extension.

Dubas talks about Sandin’s offer sheets, Campbell’s decision, and trade value

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