Dua Lipa says he “got” the “toxic currency” of social media in 2017

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Dua Lipa’s viral dance choreography in 2017 was loved by fans, but there was a time when her dissatisfaction with her performance had a big impact on Lipa.

The quality of Lipa’s dance moves was severely criticized by her critics. In her new interview, she confessed that it would be effective for the “Don’t Start Now” singer to be placed under a microscope in her new interview published Thursday.

“At first, when I first started, the reaction seemed to be” Oh, this is very good. “Then suddenly there was something like a turning point, which completely shifted and changed, “said Lipa. NPR.. “Social media just took over.”

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“There was this little dance routine I went to when I was playing. People took that little piece and decided on the presence of my entire stage and who I am as a performer on stage. bottom.”

It was a complete emotional shift for Lipa, who was finally taking the time to celebrate the fruits of her work.

“Of course, it reached me,” she said. “I was very happy and I was doing everything I wanted to do, but then there were people who made me feel that I wasn’t enough or not worth being there. Please do not cut out to become. “

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“I realized that it doesn’t really matter who I say. That was what I learned while writing. Future Nostalgia — I was able to keep people out. Well, if someone says something, it doesn’t even bother me. If you’re passionate about something, good at work, and write from the bottom of your heart, I’ve realized that no one can rob you of it, so you can’t even get through anything. “

It played a role in getting Lipa out of social media. That wasn’t the ideal situation, but Lipa encourages anything that improves her mental health.

“Social media is like running in this toxic currency, which can make people laugh at the expense of others,” she said. “I had to leave Twitter, but it was a thrift if it helped me and my mental health and allowed me to thrive in the way I chose.”

Dua Lipa says he “got” the “toxic currency” of social media in 2017

Source link Dua Lipa says he “got” the “toxic currency” of social media in 2017

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