Don’t overlook the green flag of these relationships

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Romantic relationships, whether well-established or still in their infancy, are conditioned (of course) to pay attention to and pay attention to warnings. Signs about people, Commonly called a “danger signal”.

I won’t explain why it’s important and what happens if you ignore the danger signal.However, there is a reason why topics come up frequently in the context of romantic relationships. And while you should definitely keep an eye on the danger signal, it’s also important to pay attention to the positive characteristics of your current or potential partner.

This doesn’t mean ignoring or justifying bad behavior because of some seemingly good qualities, but assessing the best they bring to the table and they’re your basic relationship Means to determine if it meets your needs (ie, seen, attractive feeling, etc.), and safe).

of Well + Good Articles, Natalie Arroyo Camacho said Relationship expert And therapist To learn more about the green flags of the relationship, including some examples. Here are some things to keep in mind.

They are familiar with themselves and comfortable

This usually means that a person knows what is needed in a romantic relationship and is more willing to be open and honest in conversations with you and others.

according to Relationship expert Laurel HouseOne indicator of this is whether someone can take care of themselves, such as exercising or eating healthy. Actions indicate that the person can be present.

When you say “no”, they respect and respect it

“That’s a big problem,” said Jacqueline Mendes, a licensed marriage and family therapist. I told Well + Good.. “Your” no “is no. No explanation or further negotiation is required. ”

Focus is not on your physical relationship

Of course, the physical aspect of a romantic relationship is important, but if it is someone’s main (or only) interest and focus, it falls into the red flag area. However, Mendes says If they prove to be genuine “curiosity” youIt’s not just what they can get from it. It’s definitely a green flag.

Don’t overlook the green flag of these relationships

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