Doing this will seamlessly connect your guests to your Wi-Fi

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Whenever you have a new person in your home, one of the first questions they ask is “What’s the wifi?”Sure, you can tell them, but you know? Honestly, I don’t. If you’re like me, you have a complicated wifi name and password combination at the bottom of your router that you have to refer to every required. Luckily, there’s an easy way to step up your Wi-Fi sharing game without changing your password or committing anything to memory.

Of course, the situation is not as bad as it used to be. If you and your guests both have iPhones, you can share your network credentials with just one tap. So, to start that process, your friend must first select your girlfriend’s Wi-Fi network from the list. When They need to be your phone contacts and add extra steps to what could be a seamless setup.

On the Android side, you can share your Wi-Fi password using the built-in QR code. Again, more convenient than before, room for improvement. When guests want to hop on Wi-Fi, they don’t have to be involved at all.

How NFC Improves Wi-Fi Password Sharing

In 2022, the fastest possible solution for sharing Wi-Fi passwords will all come down to NFC. NFC (Near Field Communication) is the main technology behind mobile payments (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.), so you probably use it often. When a smartphone is held over a POS terminal, the terminal’s NFC chip communicates with the terminal’s NFC chip, and payment processing is performed from there.

The same seamless technology can be yours for different use cases. However, in this particular case, we’ll focus on using it to share wifi. Just like scanning an NFC tag to pay for your morning coffee, you can scan an NFC tag to instantly connect to your current Wi-Fi network. Then you can place the NFC tag in a convenient location, such as your front door, and tell guests to hold up their phone and connect to Wi-Fi. No password required.

While it may seem reserved for business and corporate environments, NFC itself is a highly accessible and affordable technology. Can pick up NFC tags Packs of 10, 30, 50 or 100 are only 28 cents per tag.

The only problem is: You can set up NFC tags from any smartphone, but currently only Android devices can connect to Wi-Fi from NFC tags. The iPhone obviously has NFC, but iOS doesn’t let you connect directly to Wi-Fi.It’s too bad, because this hack works So Even on Android—But there is a workaround to make things easier for everyone.

How to share your Wi-Fi password via NFC

Setting up a tag is very easy. As demonstrated by TikTok creator b_turn50requires the free NFC Tools app iphone Also androidOpen the app, tap Write, then tap Add Record. Scroll down and tap Wi-Fi Networks.where under authentication[編集]and select your wifi encryption type (most connections are WPA/WPA2-Personal). Then enter the name of your Wi-Fi network under SSID, enter the password under Password, and tap OK.

Then tap Write, scan a blank NFC tag when prompted, and the app will write the data to the tag. From here, your tags are set to share on any Android device. A guest simply holds her Android up to the tag and is prompted to connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password.

However, iPhone friends are excluded, and there are probably many of them. You could leave the Wi-Fi credentials out of the note next to the NFC tag, but there’s a more creative and technical way to do it.

Add Digital Notes to NFC Tags

If you happen to have an Apple device handy, try adding a digital note to an NFC tag so your iPhone friend can access it when they scan the tag. That way, your credentials will be visible, albeit more inconvenient than on Android.

First, open the Apple Notes app and write down your Wi-Fi credentials here. Give your wifi name and password below with a title like “My Wifi”. Then tap the share icon,[共同作業]then tap[アクセスできるユーザー]under[リンクを知っている全員]Choose. Go back and select “Copy Link”.

Then go back to setting up the NFC tool.[レコードを追加]and select[URL/URI]and paste the iCloud link into the text box.[OK]and select[URL/URI]is in the action list[Wi-Fi ネットワーク]Make sure it is under This will only show up if the first action fails. Then write that process to the NFC tag.

Android friends will scan the tag and see the option to connect to wifi, but iPhone friends will be blocked from doing so and asked to launch a link to a note instead.

Create a QR code using your Wi-Fi credentials

iPhones cannot directly connect to Wi-Fi networks via NFC, that is You can do it from the QR code. So you can create a QR code for him using your wifi credentials, print it out and place it on top of your NFC tag. That way the iPhone user can scan the code and the Android user can scan the code or save time and move the phone closer to the code/tag and immediately pick up her wifi .

Any QR code generator will do, but whether you choose a website or an app, pick a reputable can try Bitly’s QR code generator, for example. Here the setup is similar to NFC tags. Enter the network name, password, and encryption type,[ダウンロード]Click to save the code to your computer. Print it out and stick it anywhere you like.

Doing this will seamlessly connect your guests to your Wi-Fi

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