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Do you really know how to consume CBD Oil ?

Being a fairly new product, many of us are still figuring out exactly the best way to consume CBD oil. The difficulty is in finding a balance between your favorite method of consumption – as to keep you motivated in not missing any doses – and the optimal strength to take.


Before looking at how to consume your CBD oil, it’s important to know how much you want to take, as this can help dictate the style of consumption too. You may read that you should take a certain amount of mg to treat nausea, and a different amount to treat sleep disorders.

It’s recommended to take a dose of 10mg-20mg per day when starting out with CBD. You should try this for a week, which is a small amount, but the key here is to test the waters to see if you get any unwanted side effects. Although CBD is a safe substance, it doesn’t hurt in starting easy, before increasing the dosage – perhaps add 5mg to this next week, and another 5mg the week after.

Most clinical trials use somewhere between 100mg and 800mg, so this is the range you can safely play around in eventually to see what is right for you.

Strength of the CBD and what that means for dosage

So, how many mg in a single drop of CBD oil? There is no single answer to this unfortunately, because CBD oils differ in strength. CBD oil usually comes in a 30-milliliter bottle with a dropper cap. However, your 30ml bottle of liquid oil is of course diluted, so one bottle may have 1,500mg of CBD in this 30ml bottle, whilst another may have 3,000mg. Yo can find more here about the dosis of CBD oil and how you can use it.This means each droplet has double the amount of CBD – rendering the advice of “x amount of droplets under the tongue” useless.

The best way to calculate the dosage per droplet is under the assumption that there are 600 drops in a 30ml bottle. This isn’t perfectly accurate, but it’s a good, rough estimate. In other words, each droplet has around 0.05ml of liquid.

Usually, the shop will say how much CBD is in the total bottle. If it’s a 10ml bottle and not 30ml, adjust your calculations accordingly (i.e. 200 drops per bottle). The calculation is to divide the total CBD by the number of drops:

1000mg / 200 drops = 5mg CBD per drop. If you want to take 25mg of CBD, take 5 drops under the tongue.

Types of consumption

CBD oil in its traditional, simplest form is taken under the tongue with droplets. However, you’re more than welcome to spice this up by putting the droplets into a smoothie, coffee, salad dressing, or any other food. It will still work and is still digested in the same way, it’s just that putting it under your tongue has more direct absorption.

You can also buy CBD oil for a vape pen, as a tropical rub or balm, face creams, and so on. These might have some localized benefits, but it’s unlikely that all of the CBD is absorbed when using a cream or balm, meaning some CBD is technically wasted.

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