Do You Have to be 21 to Play Slots

Most of the games you will find in casinos are largely based on trust. It would be best if you were financially capable of fulfilling your wager when the time comes. However, slot machines seem to be quite different. Even if you go to the machine to have a spin, you still have to be of legal age to be able to claim your winnings.

But do you have to be twenty-one to play slots in casinos? Unfortunately, the legal age varies from country to country. Even the United States of America doesn’t seem to agree on the legal age allowed across all fifty states before a person can play most casino games. This isn’t just about the U.S. Even across many countries globally, the legal age recognized for slot players varies.

Legal Gambling Age Across Popular Countries of the World

United States of America

The general age allowed in any casino across the United States is twenty-one, whether playing slots or any other game. Unless you are trying out a free demo, you are also required to be twenty-one to play any online casino game that requires you to fund your bankroll. However, in states like Florida, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, eighteen is the average legal age for online casino games.

It is also not unusual to find states having different legal ages for different types of games available in casinos. For example, the state of Ohio sets the legal age for an online casino at eighteen, but you have to be twenty-one to play the game of poker in any casino within the state. There is also a similar age requirement in the state of Wisconsin.

In addition, in some other states, players as young as eighteen may be permitted in casinos that do not serve alcohol or allow recreational drugs or smoking.Therefore, it is important to first research the legal age allowed for casinos in the state you want to play in before funding your bankroll.

United Kingdom

The U.K. has some of the most liberal gambling laws in the world. While you will find different age ranges for gambling across Europe, the legal age in the U.K is constant even unlike in the United States. You only need to be eighteen before you can play a game in a casino, regardless of whether they serve alcohol or not. This age applies to both slot machines and card games.

Furthermore, most online casinos operating within the U.K. also have their legal age set at eighteen. In other European territories, like Denmark, sixteen, while Portugal sets twenty-one as their official gambling age.

Hong Kong/ China

Except for the national lottery, gambling is generally prohibited in China. However, since Hong Kong has a different special administrative government, you will find some of the world’s best casinos there. The official age to play slots and other casino games is eighteen in Hong Kong and Macau, where gambling and casinos are also permitted.


Just as you will find in the United States, the gambling age also differs across Canada. The provinces have different legal ages permitted for casino players, whether online or in physical casinos. However, generally, the average legal age in most provinces is nineteen.

Provinces like Alberta, Calgary, Manitoba, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec set their legal gambling age at eighteen. If you are visiting a casino in Canada for the first time, it wouldn’t matter whether you can play slots or gamble with lesser age in your home country. You have to meet the minimum requirements of the province where the casino you are visiting is located.

What Happens if I’m Not 21 Yet?


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This will depend on the country from which you are playing. In most countries where a legal age is set, it might be considered a crime to play slots or visit a casino if you are underage. Aside from this, you may put your parent or guardian into trouble when the authorities find out. However, visit https://nitro-casino.net/ to enjoy online casino games with only 18+ age requirement. Nitro Casino is one of the many online casino with less restrictive age limits.

You may seek this alternative. More often than not, even these sites have a minimum age of eighteen as their legal requirement. This means that, while you don’t have to be twenty-one to play slots or other casino games, you can’t be under the age of eighteen in most online casinos and many other countries around the world.


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