Do you expect the Yankees to add outfield help?

We are at the midpoint of the 2022 MLB season, with a trading deadline of less than a month on August 2nd, and the team knows whether they are buyers or sellers, and the needs of both. It’s inside. Short term and long term.

The New York Yankees holds the highest record in the majors and is one of the obvious buyers.

According to John Heyman, the 58-22 Yankees are currently evaluating the trade market. New York postEspecially in the hope of upgrading the outfield.

Right fielder Aaron Judge is in the middle of his career and leads the major with 29 home runs, but outfielder Joey Gallo and Aaron Hicks have left a lot of demand in the last few weeks.

Since mid-June, Garo has been struggling with the plate with 38 at-bats, one hit and 18 strikeouts. The 28-year-old boy is in his second season with the Yankees after being acquired from Texas in the 2021 trade. Gallo has been praised for his defensive play, but he has won Golden Globes in each of the last two seasons.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old switch hitter hicks are now significantly reducing .221 / .342 / .284, which is below his 10-year career average.

Hayman said Andrew Benintendi of the Royals, Anthony Santander of the Orioles, and star of the Chicago Cubs, Ian Happ could be the perfect fit for the Yankees, but one of these players was before the deal deadline. It is unclear if it will be traded in.

Benintendi is expected to be a coveted product before the deadline, so the Yankees virtually landed Benintendi, who spent the first five years of his professional career in the AL East with the Red Sox. Will compete.

Will other teams in New York boost Mancini?

According to Hayman, the New York Mets, the leader in the National League East, was one of the teams to check the availability of Trey Mancini in Baltimore.

Of Mancini’s 71 appearances prior to this Monday, he spent 38 as a designated hitter, 22 in first baseman and 11 in outfielder. Mancini, who will make $ 10 million next season before becoming a free agent in 2024, has so far outnumbered Mets DHJD Davis this season.

Leading Mancini’s team, the .355 OBP is tied to Pete Alonso, the third best Mets. Buck Showalter, the Mets manager, was a member of the Orioles from 2010 to 2018 and is familiar with Mancini, who can be added to the team.

Soto extension?

Juan Soto’s future with the Nationals is floating in the air, but a year ago NLMVP’s runner-up was Washington post He is open to signing an extension with the team that made his MLB debut in 2018.

23-year-old Soto avoided arbitration and signed a one-year contract in 2022. This pays him a $ 17.1 million guarantee. He will be subject to arbitration in the next two seasons. Star outfielder reportedly declined a previous offer from Washington that exceeded $ 350 million in 13 years.

“Whenever they want to talk, they can talk to (my agent Scott Boras),” Soto said. “That is, they have a number, they can call every day, and they can negotiate with him every day if needed. I’m fine with that. I play, and he says they It will let me know when I’m talking to each other. That’s it. “

How unstable will the relief pitcher market be?

The relief pitcher market is usually volatile and this year is no exception.

The Minnesota Twins are in a position to qualify for the fourth postseason in the last six years, but want to strengthen the bullpen to maintain or expand the division lead for the Cleveland Guardians and the Chicago White Sox. ..

Derek Falvey, head of baseball at Twins, said Minnesota had “many conversations with many teams” so far this year, but the market remains relatively quiet until the deadline approaches. I expect it to be.

Minnesota is not the only team to improve the bullpen. The Toronto Blue Jays are one of the teams that are also expected to seek improvements in relief pitching, as the video at the top of the page suggests.

“There are many teams trying to flesh out the market,” Falvey said. Athletic.. “Is the team in it? Isn’t the team in it? Did they really have the opportunity to talk through it? When you’re on the buyer’s side, sometimes you’re the seller ready for them to go You have to wait to make their final decision on whether or not they are. “

Do you expect the Yankees to add outfield help?

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