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Do it now in case a disaster separates you from your pet

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It’s nerve-wracking to imagine a scenario where you and your family are affected by a natural disaster. always readyBeing prepared can help reduce anxiety and make the situation more tolerable should a disaster strike. You should also keep your pets in mind while planning what you can do to keep you and your family safe.

You probably already know that if you’re separated from your pet, you should check and advertise your local shelter, but here are some more specific and easy ways to increase your chances of reunion. To do.

take pictures of pets

Your phone probably has a lot of pictures of your dog or cat. This is good. This is because it helps spread the image of your pet, help people recognize the animal if they come across it, and prove that you are the rightful owner. But make sure you don’t just have photos that look silly or cute. According to the Better Business Bureauthe pet photo should be:

In fact, this tip is widely recommended. animal league Specifically call it Recent Partnerships Between Anheuser-Busch, American Humane, and Red Cross, we’ll even cover the cost of sending a physical photo of you and your pet home, so you can keep it handy. Keep in mind: Not only should a photo of your pet be on your phone and online, but it should also be physically in your possession. or your phone goes down, you can show physical photos to people you meet at the shelter or in the area, increasing your chances of reuniting when someone recognizes your animal. .

Keep your identifying information readily available (for you When your pet)

Get a microchip if your pet doesn’t have one. If you already have Make sure you are up to dateMicrochips are a smart, modern approach to locating animals during isolation, but old-fashioned methods can also help. It is recommended that you wear it on Consider adding a separate tag to the collar if your pet has allergies or special needs.

your pet should always wear your information, but must always have their information at hand. Write down the specific colors, patterns and characteristics of your pet on the back of your phone and a real photo. It’s easier to refer to your notes than to come up with these things when you’re panicking.

Post advertisements in your neighborhood group’s physical public spaces or online, and be sure to include recent photos and identifying information collected here.

Avoid Pet Reunion Scams

In times of crisis, scammers seem to come out of the woodwork and prey on vulnerable people. Don’t let that happen to you.BBB said: Scammers have been known to attack people who are in a vulnerable situation and therefore may have overlooked important details. , ask questions that “lost pet” ads can’t answer. Questions such as “What color are her eyes?” or ‘How many tags does he have on his collar? ”

Be especially careful with people who ask you to send money upfront before you return the pet or prove you actually have the pet.

Do it now in case a disaster separates you from your pet

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