Do Blue Jackets want to move one of their top picks?

It was the day before the NHL draft, and the rumored factory started in earnest. The order of this year’s draft is completely floating in the air, with the Montreal Canadiens still deciding among Shane Wright, Yuraislavkovsky and Logan Cooley.

This number will be the most unpredictable draft in a few years.

Various GMs around the league spoke from the host city of Montreal on Wednesday. Here are some of the things that came from those discussions.

This page will be updated as more GMs speak on Wednesday afternoon.

Washington Capitals looking for a veteran goalkeeper, I believe Backstrom will be back next season

Between Ilya Samsonov and Vitec Vanichek, the Capitals recorded NHL’s 23rd place team save rate at .898, the worst mark of the playoff team this season. Both of these goalkeepers are restricted to free agents this summer and are still relatively young, 25 and 26, respectively.

Eligible offers will be closed by Monday, July 11th, and players who do not receive them will become unlimited free agents on July 13th. A big day when we can add some more intriguing free agents to the mountains.

There was a question as to whether Capitals would leave either goalkeeper unqualified, but GM Bryan McLellan said on Wednesday that both would receive one. However, he revealed that the Capitals are trying to win a veteran goalkeeper again this summer.

Russia’s question is still big, it’s a number that affects draft orders on Thursday and Friday, and certain players in that country can fall in turn.That Flyers Prospect Goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov taken up by Russian law enforcement There are cautions and concerns for others returning to the country before he departs for the United States this week and is sent to a remote military base.

McClellan admitted that as the GM of the team with the most Russian players, there was “a little uncertainty” about the players returning from Russia to the United States next season, but when talking to his players, “everyone They are back and will be playing next year. “

GM also provided the latest information about the injured Niclas Beckstrom. He will be back at some point next season. Capitals is likely to replace the backstrom from the inside until he can return, so it is possible to remove Capitals from Nazemkadori’s speculation.

Columbus 6th or 12th picks may be available to “excellent young players” under the control of the team

There was a bit of trade talk on Tuesday night. Columbus dispatch Blue Jackets reporter Brian Hedger said Jarmo Kekaranen had spoken to Arizona Coyote and said deals involving Jacob Chikran could be lined up.

On Wednesday, Kekaranen said he was unlikely (though not impossible) to exchange both of his first round picks, and then what he would let go of even one of them. Outlined whether it is necessary.

“We will look at our needs and then what we can do from the other means we have: free agents and trading,” GM said. “That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing now, evaluating what’s available on the 6th or 12th picks. Of the 20-year-old, 21-year-old, and perhaps 22-year-old players who are already playing. If in the NHL we know we can control for years, but we can also give us that immediate help, which can make all sorts of meanings to us. It’s only one year before the NHL player. It doesn’t make sense for us. “

Can Boston get the band back?

Important updates from today’s Bruins about Patrice Bergeron, whose contract has expired and is surrounded by speculation of retirement. David Pastornack, a year away from UFA status, adds pressure points for trading speculation this offseason. And David Krejci, an important second-line center back to play in the Czech Republic this past season.

First Bergeron. The 36-year-old winner of this year’s Selke Trophy is still at the peak of his strength, scoring 65 points in 73 games this past season. Bergeron himself stopped all the stories he could sign elsewhere as a free agent this summer. If he returns to the NHL, his commitment is in the Bruins. GM’s Don Sweeney called the ongoing negotiations with Bergeron’s camp “promising,” but the situation was not yet very clear.

“The conversation with Patrice went well. His recovery went well,” Sweeney said. “I’m excited that he’s playing positively and considering moving forward.”

For pastornack, the situation is a bit more tricky and can probably depend on what Bergeron or Klech decides. Pastornack has scored 40 goals this season and is prime minister at the age of 26, with a year left to pay $ 6.66 million to Cap.

Meanwhile, Bruins’ conflicting windows face a suspicious future in which Bergeron has not yet been determined, whether Pastornack wants to stick to the organization in the long run, or is some form of reconstruction forced on them? I have a question about it.

Neely said he would meet JP Barry, Pastornack’s agent, in Montreal for the next two days.

And, surprisingly, Sweeney didn’t immediately defeat the idea that Crezi could return to the team in 2022-23. The 36-year-old scored 46 points in 51 Czech League games this season, but Bruins GM confirmed he was talking to the Center.

And finally, good news for Bruins. Twenty-five-year-old Jake Debrask canceled his trade request after winning top-line play in a 25-goal season.

“Multiple” teams called Senator about the seventh overall pick

As outlined by Wayne Scan Run In his draft previewSenators see themselves as a team ready to move on to the next stage of development, not as a bottoming out rebuilding team through the draft. There you will want to add an important complement around the young core. That’s why the team is connected to Claud Giroud on rumors of a free agent.

So if GM’s Pierre Dorion could use it to win a high-impact NHL player, Ottawa’s seventh overall pick could be valid.

“There was a lot of discussion about other picks, not just the seven,” he said Wednesday. “It’s not a secret to improve the team and add players with some pedigree and experience to the lineup. We talked about Pick 7 as a possible move.”

Do Blue Jackets want to move one of their top picks?

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