Dilkens shares financial action plan on campaign trajectory

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Windsor’s incumbent mayor put the city’s bottom line first on Friday.

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As part of his re-election campaign, Drew Dilkens released a financial action plan. This includes keeping property taxes, freezing city-administered fees for his four years, eliminating some of the residents’ fees, and implementing a parking fee review.

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After detailing 16 years of city council work to put Windsor’s “financial house” in order at the table, Dilkens said the city can now make new investments. But even with “exciting developments” like Nextstar Energy’s battery plant, “we can’t take our eyes off the financial balance,” he said.

“Windsor residents expect the city government and council to manage their taxes like their own money. I’m proud of you.

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Dilkens has spoken out for two terms to keep the tax system in check, meaning the city will be “smart” in spending and “do everything it can” to keep residents’ “hard-earned money”. . in your own pocket.

If elected, Mr. Dilkens said he would ask Congress to freeze city hall fees, permits and license fees (excluding building and development costs, which fall under state mandates) until 2026. Such freezes could include admission to Adventure His Bay, fees for attending classes at community centers, etc. He also plans to call on the administration to eliminate dog license fees and other fees that “do not add value to the taxpayer.”

As for parking fees, Dilkens said he hopes to “reduce the financial burden on residents” and encourage use by small businesses, restaurants, events and city facilities.

“I want to be clear. We can provide new funding for roads, sewers, parks, recreation, and social services while managing our finances carefully and responsibly. That’s my record as mayor.” So we know it is possible.”

Also running for mayor are Benjamin Danuruk, Aaron Day, Matthew Giancola, Chris Holt, Ernie Lamont and Louis Vaupotique.

Election Day is October 24th.

Dilkens shares financial action plan on campaign trajectory

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