Difficulty in formulating vaccine policies for local townships

A new vaccine policy is being implemented in Adelaide Metcalf, but it is not without hesitation from Mayor Curtis Smith.

The mayor was the only council member to vote against the new interim policy.

“”[CAO] Morgan [Calvert] And earlier today, I had a long conversation with myself to address many of the concerns that may be seen in the future with this policy. We talked about it and leave it alone, “Mayor Smith said at an online meeting on October 4.

Councilor Mike Brodie, Congressman Betty Ann McKinnon, and Deputy Mayor Mary Ann Hendrix do not intend this to happen forever, changing the pandemic situation for Covid-19.

Culvert was tasked by the council and staff to find rational solutions for implementing vaccine policies in relatively local governments.

“Council members and staff have asked for a form of Covid-19 vaccine policy that suits our situation. Our context is a small rural municipality that is currently unable to work from home. [for] Long capacity due to IT infrastructure and the nature of today’s paper-based or manual processes.

“This was a really difficult policy to develop, but I think I found a balance considering all the competing factors surrounding this topic,” Calvert said at the conference.

He added that the law supports meeting the requirements for workplace health and safety.

This policy provides two lanes for current staff, contractors and volunteers. If vaccinated, they will show evidence and continue to follow public health protocols such as wearing masks and filling out Covid-19 surveys. If the person is not vaccinated or does not disclose the status of the vaccine, they must follow the weekly rapid testing protocol. This means taking the test three times a week.

New boarding staff will need to be vaccinated. This policy does not apply to members of the council. You also need to change the council’s code of conduct to ensure vaccination or testing.

Local government workers who refuse to comply are subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment. There are medical and religious exemptions, but personal or philosophical objections to the COVID-19 vaccine are not accepted to grant the exemption.

The policy adds that, if possible, townships will assist those who cannot be vaccinated through reassignment, remote work, or the provision of more personal protective equipment.

Difficulty in formulating vaccine policies for local townships

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