Differences between Thanksgiving cacti and Christmas cacti

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Despite their festive name, Christmas cacti are wonderful houseplants all year round and don’t look out of place in mid-July.They too Live very long With proper care, it can be passed down from generation to generation.

But what if you say it’s a succulent? think Is the Christmas cactus really a completely different plant? And not only plants Thanksgiving Cactus? That’s true. Both are cacti that bloom in late fall or early winter and are named after the New Year holidays, but Thanksgiving cacti are often mistaken for Christmas cacti at gardening centers.

NS Articles from Farmers’ Almanac staff Explain the difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti and why you know which is more important. Here’s what you need to know:

Thanksgiving Cactus vs Christmas Cactus

Let’s start with a simple difference in appearance. Farmers Almanac:

Thanksgiving cactus

  • leaf: Shaped like a crab claw, with 2-4 serrated segments with pointed spines on both sides. The end of the last segment is slightly recessed.
  • Flowers: Grow from the tip or where the leaf segments join. It looks like a long tube in another flower. Mainly pastel colors, including red, pink, peach, purple, orange and white.

Christmas cactus

  • leaf: Has a more rounded scalloped edge. The tip is slightly curved.
  • Flowers: Usually the color is pink or white.

Important reason

As you can imagine, Thanksgiving cacti bloom before and after Thanksgiving holidays. It’s about a month before the Christmas cactus blooms. Knowing the type of cactus you have in your hand will help you determine when the flowers will appear.

Well, most of the time, at least: sometimes both Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti It blooms between March and May Farmers Almanac Flowers Spring is not as abundant as the end of the year.

Differences between Thanksgiving cacti and Christmas cacti

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