Did Logan Paul pay $ 3.5 million for a fake Pokemon card?

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This week, YouTuber Logan Paul has been scammed from $ 3.5 million, cryptocurrency heads are planning to leave us forever, and kids are eating NyQuil chicken-or it’s not happening at all, Because everything is fake.

Logan Paul is a scam from $ 3.5 million

With the famous YouTuber very-Paid boxer Logan Paul was clearly fooled from $ 3.5 million. He paid that amount to a carton of first-generation Pokemon cards, but found that the sealed box was instead full of GI Joe card packs of little value. Pokemon The collector had Warned Paul The box is likely to be fake (history i)s super (Rough), but the unopened box was certified by Baseball card exchange Before Paul bought it.

of Video posted on his channel“I’m a very positive person, a person who always sees the bright side, and I’m trying hard, but this is very difficult,” Paul said shortly after the card turned out to be fake. I did. ..Since this is the internet, part or all of this story also false.

Cryptoland tries to seduce the inhabitants

Do you live on a tropical island where only the cryptocurrency brothers who create blockchain-powered utopia live? If you were like me, you replied: When I was forced to choose between execution and asylum. But perhaps we aren’t foresighted enough.

(Almost certainly a scam) According to the presentation video posted by the people behind the project Cryptoland It is planned as “an international hub for the community to work, live, have fun and enjoy a prestigious crypto lifestyle … a paradise created by crypto lovers for crypto lovers”.

Perhaps a man named Kyle Chassé has already forked more than $ 750,000 in counterfeit money to live on the island of Fiji.This is almost certain Either a joke or a scam, Just for laughter, I desperately hope it is true.

Do Kids Really Eat NyQuil Chicken?

If you’re looking for something to eat for dinner tonight Don’t think about cooking as you feel sick with SAR.NyQuil chicken.. An internet recipe that requires steaming chicken breast with the cold remedy NyQuil, this week will be viral.

this is Not new Seems like an attempt to gross out people more than they actually eat, but just in case: Medical professional, Boil water and alcohol from NyQuil concentrates the drug and puts it in a dangerous state. YInhale the smoke, If you don’t cook chicken long enough, you will get food poisoning. So that’s a bad idea everywhere. NyQuil pasta It’s a bad idea. A NyQuil smoothie It’s a bad idea, but it may not be worse than chicken because it doesn’t actually boil the medicine.

Streaming this week: Cobra Kai Season 4 and Peace maker

This week, Netflix dropped Season 4 of the action / comedy / karate series. Cobra Kai, And HBO released the first few episodes of the action / comedy / superhero series. Peace maker.

Although these shows are very different in terms of audience and style —Cobra Kai A goofy martial arts cheesefest for kids, Where Peace maker Is definitely a dark superhero comedy for adults. The protagonists are surprisingly similar. John Cena’s Peacemaker and William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence both loved metal in the 1980s, swelled their views on their power and importance, and were once ubiquitous brands of toxic men. Is an underwater white man who seems to have been lost in the world in which he exists. -Children’s masculinity is almost unacceptable. This is the way kids see us.

This week’s viral video: a horse kicks a tree and a dog’s flatulence runs away

I don’t understand why YouTube algorithms serve everyone.A horse kicks a tree and a dog’s flatulence runs awayThis week, I’m glad. In the video, a horse kicks a tree, flatulences a dog, and runs away. If it sounds like something you enjoy (and I already know it’s something you enjoy) Click the link at once.

Over 13 million people have watched this video and the reaction is almost universally positive. “This horse certainly kicks trees, flatulences dogs, and runs away … and it’s absolutely majestic!” YouTube user Rainbow Unicorn said SmartSmears said, “Everyone wants to be this horse in an era like this.” I feel like I’m thinking. ” I feel so, that too.

Did Logan Paul pay $ 3.5 million for a fake Pokemon card?

Source link Did Logan Paul pay $ 3.5 million for a fake Pokemon card?

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