Depp regains his witness position and calls Hard’s claim madness

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Johnny Depp called his ex-wife’s sexual and physical abuse charges “insane” when he returned to the witness stand in a defamation proceeding against Amber Heard on Wednesday.

“It’s ridiculous, humiliating, ridiculous, painful, barbaric, incredibly brutal, cruel, and everything is wrong,” Depp said when he testified early in the trial. I was asked about his reaction when I heard.

Depp testified Wednesday as a witness to the counter-argument — both he and Hard testified extensively early in the trial.

He made some specific responses to some of the specific claims made by Hard and her sister, Whitney Henriquez, who provided some of Hard’s strongest supporting testimony.

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He concludes his testimony with a final denial of allegations.

“I have never told sexual assault, physical abuse, all these quirky and ridiculous stories of me who committed all these things in my life,” he said. “And I’ve been living with it for six years, waiting to bring out the truth.”

“No matter what happens, I get here, tell the truth, and talk about what I’ve been reluctantly carrying for six years,” he said.

Depp will be cross-examined Wednesday afternoon.

Depp sued Hard in the Fairfax County Circuit Court in a December 2018 editorial. Washington post He describes himself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.” His lawyer says he was defamed by the article, even though his name was not mentioned.

Depp denies that he hit Hard and says she was an abuser of the relationship. She heard about more than 12 separate examples of physical abuse she says she suffered from Depp’s hands.

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Depp also challenged Hard’s claim that Depp had nothing to do with her role in the superhero blockbuster “Aquaman.” When Hard testified, she was clearly angry with a question from Depp’s lawyer, which hinted that Depp had played her role.

However, Depp said Haad spoke to the studio on her behalf after auditioning for the role. When Hard’s lawyer objected, he was forbidden to discuss the details of the conversation, but said, “She finally got a job, so hopefully I’ve suppressed their worries to some extent.” Stated.

Also on Wednesday, Depp’s ex-girlfriend supermodel Kate Moss denied she was pushed or attacked by Depp in the course of their relationship.

Moss also testified as a witness to the counterargument. In her testimony she heard, she referred to Moss and rumors that Depp pushed Moss down to a set of stairs when he dated.

Moss said in testimony provided by Videolink that Depp never attacked her. She said she once slipped down the stairs after a storm at a Jamaican resort and Depp came to help her.

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She testified for less than five minutes and was not cross-examined.

Depp also tackled the accusation in his testimony, saying that it happened, as Moss said. He said he talked about Moss to Hard many years ago. He listened to what he heard and turned it into a very ugly case. It’s all in her heart. “

Depp regains his witness position and calls Hard’s claim madness

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