Dealer AI Launches Automatic Live Chat for Car Dealers, Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, Canada, April 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dealer AI, a North American provider of technology-enabled solutions for the automotive industry, today is fully automated specifically built to enhance digital customer assistance for car dealers. Announcing an AI-equipped chatbot.

DealerAI chatbots are customized for car dealerships and other car businesses to enable fast, real-time customer support and help dealers and car groups better engage and serve current and future customers. To

Most car sales are still done directly at dealers, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has changed and the expectations and customs of car buyers have evolved. Today, most consumers are starting to search for vehicles online and are accustomed to fast, high-quality service thanks to their interactions with large digital-first companies. As a result, the number of completely online car sales has also increased, with reports that about 30% of new car sales in 2020 were made online, a sharp increase from just 2% before the pandemic began. I am.

“The past few years have been difficult for many industries, including car dealers. Shoppers’ expectations for customer service and digital experiences continue to grow, just as pandemics pose challenges such as microchips, labor and parts shortages. “It was,” said Brian Shoe, co-founder of Dealer AI. “We created the Dealer AI Chatbot to help dealers face these challenges head-on and better serve their current customers for the future.”

The main advantages of DealerAI chatbots are:
●● 24/7 Customer Service: Dealers can respond instantly to customer inquiries at any time, whether it’s off-hours, weekends, or holidays, ensuring you get all the potential leads.
●● Scalable Savings: Unlike traditional live chat services, Dealer AI chatbots do not require human staff to function. BDCs and sales teams can focus on activities that generate a higher rate of return on investment.
●● Close other transactions related to data: Self-service systems encourage users to explore and interact with more. Fascinating conversations collect the tastes of car buyers. The dealer team can be better prepared and use the right sales approach.
●● Personalized brand experience: DealerAI can be customized to the dealer’s brand, providing a consistent experience for customers. The unique AI engine and deep learning technology have also been improved over the long term to ensure customer satisfaction.
●● Definitely excellent service: In addition to the website, Dealer AI can also be integrated with many popular services including Facebook Messenger and SMS. Its multilingual ability has expanded the dealer’s diverse customer base.

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About Dealer AI
DealerAI is an AI-based chatbot designed for car dealers. This interactive platform enables dealers to seamlessly engage with their customers through a variety of digital channels, leading to continuous growth opportunities to move dealers forward. For more information on DealerAI, please visit

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Dealer AI Launches Automatic Live Chat for Car Dealers, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Dealer AI Launches Automatic Live Chat for Car Dealers, Canadian Business Journal

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