David Dobrik was sued by former Vlog team member Jeff Vittek for $ 10 million after a stunt disaster on an excavator.

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YouTuber David Dobrik has been accused of $ 10 million in damages by a former member of his Vlog squad who was seriously injured during a tragic stunt involving a large excavator filmed on Dobrik’s channel. ..

In a new proceeding, Jeff Vitec (32) accused Dobrik (25) of “general negligence and deliberate tort” after hanging on a rope tied to a Dobrik-operated excavator. He said he was almost dead. According to the proceedings, influential people suffered skull fractures, facial fractures, and almost lost their eyes. Wittek claims that as a result of his injury, he suffers from a loss of his wages, a loss of his earning capacity, and a large hospital bill buildup. TMZ First reported the news of the proceedings.

The incident occurred in Provo, Utah in June 2020. According to Wittek, stunts were part of Dobrik’s so-called “social media comeback.” Former Vlog squads claim that the original plan was for Dobrik’s crew to ride on various objects, such as wakeboards, while being swayed by ropes attached to excavators planted in the lake. Wittek claims that Dobrik had changed his plans and wanted everyone to be swung around from a rope tied to a giant construction machine without getting in the way.

In court documents, Dobrik talks about how he was swayed when he started moving the excavator at “dangerous speeds” and slowed down too much, causing Whitec to hit the sides of the machine and suffer. I am. Countless injuries. “

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The video that the stunt didn’t work was posted on YouTube in April 2021 but has since been deleted. Other accounts were captured and reposted before the footage was deleted.

ET Canada asked a Dobrik representative for comment, but did not respond.

Wittek shared part of his recovery journey on social media. In February, he underwent a ninth operation due to the incident, but revealed that he was still undergoing another operation. “Finally, I took one of these damn plates out of my eyes!” He capped the post-operative photo on Instagram.

Once Dobrik’s best friend, Whiteck, says the two are no longer talking. In March, he continued his “Jeff FM” podcast, claiming that Dobrik did not contact him in the aftermath of a horrific accident.

“I’ve been protecting this guy for a long time. Not only did he not send me a text message for a week after I had a major surgery that could blind me, but to talk to him. There are many things, “Wittek said of YouTuber.

“I woke up from surgery. One day has passed and there is no text for him. Another day has passed and there is no text. I always see his Instagram f-ing for reasons such as algorithms. Because it’s the first Instagram to pop up. It’s like him, “Oh, I’m very happy with my life right now. My vlog and everything,” just advertise his vlog. ” He added. “I’m as if you had time to do this, but you can’t send me a text and be like,” Hey, did you get blind from my actions? ” Finally, I just want to tell you the truth. I gave this mother many chances. Even after a week, I still can’t hear the peep. “

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Calling Dobrik a “sneaky friend,” Whiteck continued. 1 inch from death and from being blind. “

“I suffered a lifelong brain injury and saved him from everything. You may have been deported, put in jail for manslaughter, and sued for everything. I put it on my chin. I put it on. “

Dobrik regrets what happened, but publicly states that the stunt is Whiteck’s idea. “Jeff is the worst,” Dobrik said in a March “VIEWS” podcast. “That day is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I will do anything to get it back.”

“I wish I were there,” he added. “This is the most unfortunate thing I’ve ever done. And it’s -ty- it’s an accident. That was it. It’s an accident.”

Regarding Witech’s involvement in stunts, Dobrik said: He is angry that I have broken my promise. “

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Dobrik claims that Whiteck asked him to promise not to tell anyone that the stunt was his idea. “Can you promise me one thing? Can you promise that no one knows this is my idea?” Dobrik recalled his conversation with Whiteck.

“”[Jeff] I was injured because I was driving, “continued YouTuber. “That’s it. I know it. And, as I said, if I get the chance, I’ll get it back … it will be my greatest regret in my life. I sincerely hope that there will be no moment of regret. “

David Dobrik was sued by former Vlog team member Jeff Vittek for $ 10 million after a stunt disaster on an excavator.

Source link David Dobrik was sued by former Vlog team member Jeff Vittek for $ 10 million after a stunt disaster on an excavator.

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