Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage by a man armed with a replica gun-National

A man armed with a replica gun attacked comedian Dave Chappelle while playing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Several videos were shared online showing the attackers rushing to the stage to tackle the chapel. The comedian fell to the floor as some spectators rushed to help.

Los Angeles Police Department confirmed they were arrested early Wednesday 23-year-old Isaiah Lee In connection with the attack, as reported by the NBC. Lee has been charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon and his bail is set at US $ 13,000.

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According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Lee’s armed replica gun can stick out the knife’s blade “when fired correctly,” but it’s unclear if the weapon was used to attack.

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According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Lee was detained by a security team at the venue and taken to a hospital where he was treated for a “superficial injury.” He was attending a chapel show as part of an audience.

After the incident blew away, 48-year-old Chapel returned unharmed to finish the set. He joked to the audience that the attacker was “transgender,” mentioning how comedians’ recent comments on gender identity caused anger in the transgender community. (Gender identity of the attacker has not been confirmed.)

The official motive for the attack has not been established.

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The incident happened when Chapel was closing his set, which was part of the Netflix IsaJoke comedy festival. When Lee rushed to the stage, he was in the process of thanking his former performers Chris Rock, Leslie Jones and Jon Stewart.

Rock was at the center of his own on-stage attack when Will Smith was famous for hitting him in the 2022 Oscar for joking about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

According to ABC reporter Stephanie Wash, Rock joined Chapel on stage after the incident on Tuesday and joked, “Is it Smith?”

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Another journalist, Sharon Carpenter, at first I thought the attack was planned in advance..

“He lifted his arms and legs into the air and fell backwards on his back. He was clearly shocked. We were all shocked. And I thought a little:” OK, is this a prank? “Because they made some Will Smith jokes,” Carpenter said.

After the attack, Carpenter said Chapel tried to continue the set. “But he was angry with it … and what was crazy was that he joked early in the night. Around here.'”

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Buzzfeed reporter Brianna Sacks said she was talking about how Chapel increased her security team that night in response to a joke about the transgender community.

Chapel’s 2021 Netflix Special near Was released, and many employees of the streaming company went on strike to protest and called the chapel joke transphobia. Chapel endorsed her JK Rowling during the special and agreed with her that “gender is a fact.”

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Biological gender can affect one’s gender, but many people, including transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, and genderfluid people, do not distinguish within the gender binary of men and women.

The Hollywood Bowl said on its website that Tuesday’s show was intended for a “phoneless experience” and that spectators would need to secure their phones to a special pouch. One person who shared the video of the attack said he used a second “forgotten” phone.

Chapel has not yet publicly commented on the attack.

A Hollywood Bowl spokesman said he had begun investigating the case.

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Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage by a man armed with a replica gun-National

Source link Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage by a man armed with a replica gun-National

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