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Toronto, March 2, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global learning technology company D2L today announces a range of product features that extend the capabilities of D2L Brightspace to help foster a community of collaborative lifelong learning during a pandemic. did.

“The COVID-19 turmoil has had a devastating and lasting impact on young learners, especially those who are already facing challenges, thus strengthening Brightspace for educators, learners and families. We are investing in new features for this, “said John Baker, President and CEO of D2L. “As we move forward as a newly listed company, we continue to make our daily tasks faster and workflows smarter, which means everyone in the learning community: graders, content creators. , Educators, learners, and those who support them, will benefit in terms of education and workforce. “

As we all continue to move between face-to-face and virtual settings, the demand for technology-enabled learning is increasing. D2L is supported by the following enhancements.

  • Help families and teachers stay connected
  • Use auto-closed captions to make video easily accessible from any device
  • Providing professional content design support
  • Make learning more personalized, comprehensive and engaging for more than 15 million people around the world who use Brightspace.

“Learning needs to be done within the community, not an isolated process,” said Liz Miller Lee, director of online learning at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). “As the use of technology in the classroom has increased significantly, school districts need a way to organize all the learning that is taking place. The features Brightspace provides to help build its community are: It’s very important. “

Building a community for learners
New features make it easy for students, families and teachers to connect, get information and receive notifications about student progress anytime, anywhere.

  • new Brightspace Parent & Guardian app This allows parents and guardians of young learners to easily access Brightspace from their Apple or Android mobile devices or from their website with a single click.
  • Widely adopted updates portfolio When Portfolio at homeCollaborate to capture the learner’s activities and experiences each year in the learning process.

Strengthening video technology to build human connections
Integrated video technology fosters interactivity and personalization for people of all abilities and any device.

The new extension means that educators and learners will have access to an easy-to-use video experience embedded throughout Brightspace.

  • Stream video using older devices and adaptive technology that operates at slower bandwidth speeds
  • Upload large, high resolution video files
  • Video Search – The new video search feature takes advantage of the video note’s multilingual auto-captioning feature to pinpoint where terms are referenced in your video. You can also use chapters to easily highlight important sections to review.

In addition, during the pandemic, virtual classroom tools within Brightspace such as Zoom Video Communications, Inc., Microsoft Teams, Bongo, and Google Meet were integrated.

New additions to D2L’s learning and creative services portfolio
The new flexible courseware subscription service provides customers with access to dedicated, ongoing professional support to help design and develop compelling, interactive and comprehensive content to facilitate engagement within the learning community. Provide to.

These updates to the Brightspace platform add synonyms to user profiles, updated assignments and content experiences, Course issuerAnd Brightspace editor.

D2L helps people learn better by enhancing and improving Brightspace based on continuous feedback and customer conversations through the Product Idea Exchange. This allows users to save time next year and improve workflow efficiency.

For more information on the latest features, please visit:

About D2L
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D2L Expands Brightspace Collaboration and Community, Canadian Business Journal

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