Customer Service Features that every ISP should offer

Every business, either online or physical, requires a dependable internet connection to carry out internal and external communication. The internet has indeed become the best option for sharing ideas to make business improvements daily without any exemptions. Customer service is the backbone of any business and almost all customer service is largely relying on an internet-led support system. Without responsive customer services, businesses suffer and at the verge of damaging their reputation.

Internet has enabled customer’s voices and one tweet, one post, or picture on their own profile can harm more than the lifetime cost of marketing or making the business. Therefore, more than anything, the absence of the internet can hurt the reputation and business in the longer run.

For experiencing the internet service smoothly, you have to ensure the contact between the user and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is also smooth. It is the 21st century, and there is cutthroat competition between internet companies across the world. Lightning-fast speed, no-contract, free installation, and so many perks to lure the customers into a long-term commitment. If the ISP is good, nobody is going to change the internet it’s troublesome and uncomfortable for most of the users. Good customer service can be the USP and magnetic force to attract customers for years.

Following are a few features for improving the overall Customer Service that every ISP must consider offering:

  1. Customer Service and Support

When using internet services, you may face some issues if not frequently at least once or twice. In such cases, the only instant option you can use is contacting the customer support center. For example, CenturyLink gets you the fastest internet speed so you might not even have to call their customer support, especially when you are using their fiber internet. However, you should know that their customer service is outstandingly proactive and responsive which makes it an irresistible ISP. If your ISP offers this feature, you are much better than all of those who do not have it which is a lot.

  1. Email Accounts

Some ISPs offer exceptional prices and packages on email accounts. Spending some time finding the best ISP in terms of providing email accounts is surely worth it.

  1. Spam Blocking

With the constantly snowballingmarket competition, almost every ISP is constantly including the advanced spam-blocking feature in its basic features package. If your ISP charges for this feature, it is better to change your ISP. It is nice to have such features to make the offer customer-friendly.

  1. High-Speed Internet

Not every ISP offers the same internet speed. In addition, not all Internet Service Providers work on fiber optic cables. In the past, coaxial and ordinary telephone cables used to be the fastest among all. Nevertheless, today, every ISP is trying to update its systems to fiber optic cables to let its users enjoy the internet at the highest speed.

  1. Registering the Domain Name

Most ISPs require a registration cost for registering the domain name. The reason could be accessing their internet options or for hosting packages. However, every ISP offers versatility in the price they charge for the registration. You can go with the Internet Service Provider that has the lowest domain name registration cost.

  1. Web Hosting

Web hosting and domain name are two different things. If you are using web hosting from one ISP, there is no condition that you must have to buy the domain name from the same ISP. However, we recommend purchasing web hosting and domain from the same ISP as it will save you some money. If you find that your ISP is not giving any of these features, spend some time searching for other ISPs. Also, go for the service that offers the best services at the lowest prices.


When selecting an ISP for your business or residential use, you will have to spend a reasonable time to make an informed decision. The best idea to go about it is to note down your requirements, internet consumption, budget, and everything you want from an internet connection. Now, check for the ISP providing everything you are looking for online and call the ones you shortlisted.


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