Crown announces $10 million in new funding to mark Sask’s 10th anniversary.air ambulance

A STARS helicopter is preparing to take off on the tarmac. — Photo from STARS Facebook page.

Five royal corporations announced today that they will provide STARS with $10 million in funding to continue state Memorial day for the non-profit air ambulance fighting for the lives of the seriously ill and wounded throughout Saskatchewan.

On Thursday, Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) Minister Emeritus Don Morgan, minister responsible for all major Crown Corporations, announced that STARS staff, past patients, and SaskPower, SGI, SaskTel, SaskEnergy , and CIC representatives joined the Five Crown Companies.

“Crowns of Saskatchewan has recognized the value of STARS since its inception in Saskatchewan and has supported this essential air ambulance service for 10 years,” said Morgan. Today SaskTel, SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SGI and CIC are proud to continue this support for another five years. “

STARS will receive $10 million over the next five years, or $2 million per crown, through the renewed contract. With this new donation, cumulative funding from the state’s Crown corporations will reach his STARS in Saskatchewan totaling $30 million.

Based in Regina and Saskatoon, STARS provides emergency air medical services to patients statewide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to media reports, people in rural and remote communities are well served by STARS, as are urban patients who work, play or travel within the state.

“STARS is honored to be able to give people in need a second chance. Over the past decade, we have worked with local partners to tackle the Chain of Survival and to support the Saskatchewan health system. We are proud to be an integral part of it,” said Andrea Robertson, President and CEO of STARS. “The continued funding from our state government and the incredible support of our Crown companies are the very lifeblood behind our life-saving efforts.”

In January 2021, the Government of Saskatchewan renewed its 10-year contract with STARS to continue funding 50% of its charitable air ambulance operations. The state also pledged her $13 million to STARS’ Keep the Fight in Flight capital fundraising campaign to purchase a new helicopter.

Since 2012, STARS has completed more than 9,200 missions at more than 500 locations across the state.

Draedon Faubert is a former STARS patient and knows firsthand the value of the services STARS provides. He and his family are grateful to the funders who make STARS possible.

“Doraedon was involved in a highway capsize accident on his 16th birthday during the COVID-19 lockdown. STARS landed on the scene and the Air Medical Corps employed multiple tools and interventions to fight for his life on the way to the operating room,” said a media release.

After about six grueling weeks in the ICU, Faubert went through hundreds of days of grueling rehabilitation before finally being able to go home and speak and then even walk again.

“Draedon’s doctors and care teams in Regina and Saskatoon were excellent and worked wonders of magic to restore him, but if he didn’t get to them alive, it wouldn’t matter. “Thanks to STARS, my son’s story continues.”


Crown announces $10 million in new funding to mark Sask’s 10th anniversary.air ambulance

Source link Crown announces $10 million in new funding to mark Sask’s 10th anniversary.air ambulance

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