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TORONTO, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At a time of great economic uncertainty, Canada needs to make forward-looking investments in underfunded and often overlooked entrepreneurs and businesses. Canadian Women’s Foundation fulfills its role by investing more than $2 million of her money in 28 social purpose organizations (SPOs) spearheaded by diverse women, Two Spirit, transgender, and non-binary people in Canada. Plays.

Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada’s recently updated Investment Readiness Program, the program addresses Black, Indigenous, racist women, newcomer women, 2SLGBTIQI+ people, and barriers to funding. It represents a targeted investment in entrepreneurs and organizations that serve other equity facing. This is both a transformative stimulus for communities and an economic stimulus as Canada experiences the repercussions of her COVID-19 crisis.

SPOs receive financial benefits while advancing a social, cultural, or environmental mission. Some or all of it will be reinvested in a socially oriented mission. Often run by charities and nonprofits themselves, they straddle the lines of business and service delivery and pursue more than profit. In fact, they are often at the forefront of change affecting their communities. In Canada, women and equity-seeking entrepreneurs are under-recognized and under-supported advocates for SPOs.

Funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, SPO’s investments include Go Thrive Go Inc. and Nipissing’s Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Center to launch a self-therapy app. Calgary’s Women in Need Society expands its thriving retail outlets to employ women to address poverty. , Minwaashin Lodge: Indigenous Women Support Center trains First Her Nation, Métis and Inuit women fleeing intimate partner violence in cultural crafts to build economic stability. I’m here.

These investors develop and/or expand social ventures or monetize existing community service programs. Our investees address a range of pressing gender justice issues, including gender-based violence, employment, homelessness and housing insecurity. In addition to operational funding, the Canadian Women’s Foundation will provide investees with access to specially tailored training, one-on-one coaching, peer support, and more resources to build and successfully transform their businesses. provide to

As a peer counselor for the Rape Crisis line, Go Thrive Go Inc. Founder and CEO Nina Mistry said: However, you may have to wait months to get government-funded counseling, and private counseling may be out of reach. What’s more, the spike that fueled the gender-based violence pandemic overwhelmed the crisis line and limited our ability to respond: “That’s when we thought of the Go Thrive Go app,” she says, Nina. says. She partnered with Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Center to develop this self-therapy mobile her app. The app is designed to complement the overextended community-based sexual assault service and serve as an accessible resource for survivors in crisis. “This funding will play an important role in developing a minimum viable product that will be shared with rape crisis centers across Ontario.”

Canadian Women’s Foundation President and CEO Paulette Sr. “The returns when supported to peak performance are amazing. Their unique community and business innovation could not have come at a more critical time.” Canadian Women’s Foundation ‘s 2020 investment reserve fund pilot has yielded promising results. Ninety-seven percent of her SPOs reported increased knowledge of factors that may contribute to the success of social finance, social innovation, and social enterprises.

“SPO plays an important role in helping the most vulnerable people in our communities so that we can move towards a more equitable society. Women, Two-Spirit, Transgender, and Non-binary people often face the biggest barriers to success, and as a result, they are in the best position to find solutions that reduce these barriers. The Government of Canada is proud to work with our readiness support partners, including the Canadian Women’s Foundation, to enable the SPO to effectively carry out its important work.”

Another SPO investment, Calgary-based Women In Need Society (WINS) expands MORE! Stores, bulk recycling stores, warehouses. Income goes to home-to-home homes for vulnerable women and families, retail ladies for women who build retail employment skills, and warehousing to help people secure stable employment in warehouses. Give back to WINS community programs such as House Lady. “By investing in expanding MORE! WINS can do more to combat poverty. It’s just one of the ways we’re directly helping

About Canadian Women’s Foundation
The Canadian Women’s Foundation is a national leader in the gender equality movement in Canada. Through funding, research, advocacy and knowledge sharing, we work to achieve systemic change.

We help women, girls and people of all genders emerge from violence and poverty and take on confident leadership. Since 1991, our partners and donors have contributed more than $150 million to fund her more than 2,500 life-changing programs nationwide.

Canadian Women’s Foundation Investment Readiness Program Details

Details of Funded Social Purpose Organizations

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Critical Investments in Gender-Focused Social Purpose Organizations, Canadian Business Journal

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