Crew fighting a wildfire near the Campbell River in Strathcona State Park

Several fires have broken out near the Campbell River in recent days, ranging from hard-to-reach backcountry blazes to man-made blazes near cities.

The closest fire to the Campbell River is at the north end of the city, about 3 kilometers from the residential area. Coastal Fire Center intelligence officer Gordon Robinson said the fire was in an old cut block and had spread to 0.6 hectares by Friday afternoon.There are several abandoned buildings on the site. , the Campbell River Fire Department is providing assistance to extinguish them.

“Given the nature of the small fire and the lack of lightning in it, it is currently suspected to be man-made,” Robinson said. .”

There is no immediate risk to the living structure, but Robinson said the crew will remain on site for some time to prevent the spread of infection. The BC Wildfire Service has nine firefighters and his two helicopters on site. A Campbell River fire brigade and two trucks were also dispatched for the initial attack, which included setting up hose lines to suppress the fire.

“Given the size…it looks like they’ll probably keep it going for a while,” Robinson said. ”

Dry weather through August caused many fires in the area, including a 40-hectare fire on the slopes of Golden Hind in Strathcona State Park.

“Most things on the island have certainly been pretty small this season.

“A large part is a factor of where it’s burning. It’s in a location that’s very difficult to access and given how steep it is, putting people on the ground safely around that fire is a big part of it.” It is currently being monitored and has a series of checkpoints set around it, and if it spreads beyond that some action will be taken, but it is not currently contained.”

That fire is under “corrected correspondence” and Robinson could mean a few different things. Farther north, in the case of the Nympquish River fire, the implications are different.

“In that case, the three sides of the fire are on viable ground, so you’re fighting on those sides. It’s just the top side that’s blazing on too steep ground,” Robinson said. It’s like a catcher’s mitt: on the one hand, it’s not really threatening anything, so it has to be watched, and it’s also considered a modified reaction.”

The Nympquish River fire near Wos has not spread since it was reported earlier in the week.

It’s been cooler this weekend, but Robinson says “fire season isn’t over yet.”

“People should protect campfires and ban open burning. Remind people to be careful even when they are in. Be aware of potential fire hazards.

“Campbell River is a very high fire risk area. (Fires) start easier and spread faster,” he said. High temperatures create conditions that can lead to rapid spread.”
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Crew fighting a wildfire near the Campbell River in Strathcona State Park

Source link Crew fighting a wildfire near the Campbell River in Strathcona State Park

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