Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company Inc. (CREECO) named the Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation in 2022.

On March 9, 2022, Toronto (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -Canada Aboriginal Business Council (CCAB) announced Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company Inc. (CREECO), which won the National Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation Award in 2022.

CREECO continues to make significant contributions to the development of Cree and represents the Cree community in Quebec. Founded in 1982, CREECO is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cree Nation Government and operates through the Compensation Committee. CREECO is involved in many economic sectors and its subsidiaries include profitability, longevity, stability, service to the Cree community, autonomy and self-sufficiency, leadership, transparency, hiring Cree people, and finally. , Working on Cree’s participation in the management field. And development.

“CREECO is 40 years old and continues to grow,” said Tabatha Bull, President and CEO of CCAB. “They are inspirational and their constant search for new opportunities to create strong communities and financial independence is a testament to their dedication to a thriving indigenous economy.”

The Cree in Northern Quebec is made up of nine communities. A total of about 20,000 people live in this area. CREECO was founded in 1982 with the mission of taking advantage of employment and development opportunities in the Cree region. Through a joint venture established with several wholly owned subsidiaries, profits are redistributed to the community as dividends, with community members being their shareholders.

“We are honored to receive such a prestigious award, especially as CREECO celebrates 40 years of business and economic development,” said CREECO Derrick Neeposh President. “Our corporate group continues to diversify to adapt to ever-changing economic conditions, maintain profitability, and generate revenue for the greater profits of Cree Nation. Part of this is due to community collaboration through joint ventures and the dedication of all employees. We are committed to our employees while pursuing customer service, quality food and safety excellence. We will continue to set higher goals to generate wealth and employment. We will continue to seek other opportunities and partnerships in real estate development and sustainable energy, further diversify our portfolio and others. We believe we have access to revenue, potential new hires, and training for the indigenous community. “

CREECO’s companies include Air Creebec, Cree Construction, Valpiro, Gestion ADC, Eeyou Eenou Realty Properties, Quality Inn, Suites Val d’Or and others, and are also involved in the mining and renewable energy sectors. These and other companies contribute to the development of employment, training and income in the country. Their latest project is to expand the company into the real estate world with a $ 100 million 26-story tower in Robert Brassa Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, under construction.

“Rio Tinto is very pleased to work with the CCAB to sponsor the 2022 Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation Awards and recognize Cleco’s leading role in leveraging the development opportunities of Creanation,” said Rio Tinto Aluminum. Said Ivan Vella, Chief Executive Officer of. “As we continue our journey towards reconciliation, we are committed to leveraging our business to create sustainable employment, local procurement and supply opportunities for indigenous peoples across Canada.”

CCAB will award this award at the East Coast Business Forum, a hybrid event in Halifax on April 28th.


About the Canadian Indigenous Business Council: CCAB is committed to the full participation of indigenous peoples in the Canadian economy. As a national independent association, its mission is to promote, strengthen and strengthen a prosperous indigenous economy through the development of business relationships, opportunities and awareness. CCAB provides its members with knowledge, resources and programs to open up economic opportunities for indigenous peoples and businesses across Canada. For more information, please visit

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Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company Inc. (CREECO) named the Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation in 2022.

Source link Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company Inc. (CREECO) named the Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation in 2022.

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