CRD is open for future monitoring of COVID-19 levels through wastewater

Future surveillance of the COVID-19 epidemic in the metropolitan area may depend on what flows underground rather than wiping the nose.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced plans to expand wastewater surveillance for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases beyond Lower Mainland. Island Health investigated the wastewater utilities in its jurisdiction regarding its willingness to submit samples to BCCDC and stated that CRD was interested in the program.

However, the region has not yet received a formal request to participate in expanded surveillance.

Participation will be a seamless endeavor for the region, as wastewater is already sampled on a regular basis and weekly COVID inspections may match it, CRD said. All analysis and shipping costs will be borne by BCCDC or Island Health.

“We don’t need a lot of extra funding. We are already sampling wastewater,” Larisa Hutchison, general manager of environmental services, said at the CRD Board meeting on July 13.

CRD said monitoring the level of infection through wastewater is particularly valuable as few residents go out to wipe it themselves.

“The results of wastewater COVID cannot provide an exact number of infected individuals within the community, but they can provide a high level of information on changes in the overall proportion of community infection over time.” The staff report states.

CRD previously participated in a COVID-19 wastewater survey between the University of Victoria and a private company from December 2020 to July 2021. This study used sampling from wastewater sites in McLaughlin, McCawley, Clover, and Saanich Peninsula. UVic and its partners applied for a grant to continue their research beyond July last year, but with no success, sampling was stopped.

Most COVID-19 volumes could not be detected by the local system due to low transmissions on Vancouver Island between the first and second waves. Wastewater COVID-19 levels were detected more frequently during the third rise in infection, CRD said. Follow us on Instagram.
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CRD is open for future monitoring of COVID-19 levels through wastewater

Source link CRD is open for future monitoring of COVID-19 levels through wastewater

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