Courtney Stodden shows off a blind engagement ring, “I said yes.”

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Courtney Stodden and Chris Shen are married.

“Celebrity Big Brother” Alum announced on Instagram and showed off a wonderful ring.

“I said so … oh, and the ring made me a very beautiful gag,” Stoden captioned the clip.

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“While I was screaming, Chris got off on one knee!” They said. E!news.. “We went home from a night out in Palm Springs and I needed a good cry between Rose and tiredness!”

“It was a really, very sweet moment,” Stoden added. “He remembered that I wasn’t alone,” I don’t go anywhere. I’m always here for you. “

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Shen and Studden have been together for over three years.

Sharing more photos of the ring and candlelight dinner, Shen added: On Friday 28th May I proposed the love of my life, and they said so. I feel very fortunate and lucky. We have grown a lot since we first met. And we believe this partnership will last a lifetime. For the first time, we are both experiencing unconditional love. A true kind of love. The kind that we may not always like each other, but always love and respect each other. I always promise to be your rock, support, and a reliable shoulder – no matter what. I got you. “

“I never imagined I would get married again,” Stoden told the outlets that he had previously been married to Doug Hutchison, who was married at the age of 16.

But when Shen suggested, they knew “it was right.”

“He was by my side throughout some of the most difficult times in my life. I said yes and hugged him tightly. Then he said, “Let’s take a look at the ring !!!”. My head was spinning! “

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Courtney Stodden shows off a blind engagement ring, “I said yes.”

Source link Courtney Stodden shows off a blind engagement ring, “I said yes.”

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