Courtney Cleny, who is “Only Fans Killer”?

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If you’re desperately floating in the information that young people seem to swim comfortably and in the swirling waters of Ephemera, enjoy a few attempts on my raft. This week, the OnlyFans hitman popped to the surface, explaining confusing hand gestures, alternative uses for pregnancy tests, and what’s happening in hell. Elden Ring.

OnlyFans Killer: Influencer Courtney Clenney kills boyfriend

Courtney Clenney, a model for Instagram and OnlyFans Become very famous on the internet Worst Reason: She recently stabbed and killed her boyfriend Christian “Toby” Obmuseri in a high-rise apartment in Miami.Known as Cleny Courtney Tailor Online claims that the puncture wound was self-defense. Cleny told police that Obmuseri pushed her to the ground and grabbed her neck before she stabbed him and died. She wasn’t arrested for the model. Instead, she was asked by the police (as you can see in this video posted by TMZ, Blood-splattered Cleny is cross-examined) And I was taken to a mental hospital. She has since been released and has not been charged with her, but authorities say her investigation is underway. Instead of her imprisonment, Cleny recognizes her and is being kicked out of the hotel bar by people who are not her fans, As you can see in this video..

Why do people have four fingers in the picture?

Young people ApparentlyPhoto poses with 4 fingers, less annoying pose trends Duck mouth Not as popular as it was in the early 2000s or as disturbing as white supremacism OK gesture It is popular these days. What “crawls” really mean is controversial.Rapper da baby Mentioned gestures in a 2019 interview But didn’t explain it.User Urban dictionary When Reddit Classify gestures as gang signs. A healthier explanation comes from football and the gesture is “It’s the fourth quarter. Alright, let’s go! “Whatever you mean by” crawl on all fours, “if you’re over a certain age, don’t try to pose and look cool on all fours. It’s okay for you only if you’re trying to do something “dorkie and not cool”, or if you’re trying to signal the waitress so that you can receive a check.

TikTok hand signals save lives

One of the most popular four-finger hand gestures online is a woman in Tennessee. Report that her life was saved Because she flashed an online silent distress signal that was widespread among strangers. Her unnamed woman says she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend who threatened to kill her by leaving her trapped in a truck. The pair stopped at a gas station, and the victim showed the clerk the palm and closed his fingers with his thumb. The clerk recognized the gesture and called the authorities. Authorities arrested 31-year-old Jonason Smith for kidnapping and domestic violence.

Teens warned not to eat pregnancy test

According to both doctors and police, disassembling a pregnancy test at home and eating the discs in it is actually a bad idea. A strange warning occurs after the TikTok video (because it was removed) claims that the home pregnancy test kit contains Plan B pills. They don’t. They contain a disc of silica that protects against moisture. Don’t eat the pills you find during your pregnancy test. ” Dr. Karan Rajan in TikTok’s answer.. “They are not” Plan B “or emergency contraceptives. ”

Dr. Rajan’s warning was repeated by the manufacturer of the original video, Clearblue Pregnancy Test. “We know the videos that are circulating about the clearblue pregnancy test and the pills in it. The clearblue pregnancy test does not include Plan B.” tHis company posted on that website..

This Week’s Viral Video: Elden Ring Lore: Explained

I take about 80 hours for an epic role-playing game Elden Ring, And I have a confession: I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t know what “two fingers” are, why you need to care about “The Erdtree”, and why everyone I meet tries to kill me right away. That’s where this week’s viral video comes in. YouTuber Vaati Vidya Dig deeper into Elden’s lore Elden Ring Lore: DescriptionA 30-minute explainer who breaks down the complex and strange story behind hell Elden Ring The universe in an understandable way. Vaat Vidja You look amazing It makes sense to complicate something. I want him to explain every aspect of the modern world with his mellow and calm English drawer.

Courtney Cleny, who is “Only Fans Killer”?

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