Counterfeit money circulates in Shuswap, suspect remains missing

The suspect is said to have stolen the car, which was later found to contain counterfeit bills, and is currently on the run.

The Salmon Arm RCMP is now warning businesses and financial institutions to beware of counterfeiting of $100 and $50 Canadian notes.

Staff Sergeant Scott West said on August 5 that counterfeit notes were found in deposits at Salmon Arm Business Bank and are easily detected when received.

He lists notable features as:

• The transparent polymer window on these new banknotes displays a hologram of the banknote’s denomination and a holographic image of the banknote’s surface. West suggests looking at the hologram in the clear plastic window on the bill each time you receive a payment.

• Fake $50 and $100 bills have the number 5 and not the correct 50 or 100 denominations.

• There may be a slight ridge where the plastic is seamed along the clear plastic window of the bill. But the main indicator is the number of polymer strips, he said. As he rolls the bill in the light, he searches for the correct number to match the bill.

West suggests visiting the Bank of Canada website for additional anti-counterfeiting security features for Canadian currency.

The warning was issued after police attempted to stop the vehicle with a spiked belt on August 2, but the driver was able to evade capture and escape. This was the vehicle suspected of counterfeit banknotes.

Additional vehicles fled cops and are described as black Dodges or Chrysler Neons.the driver of

This vehicle is also unidentified and is on the run.

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Counterfeit money circulates in Shuswap, suspect remains missing

Source link Counterfeit money circulates in Shuswap, suspect remains missing

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