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All eight candidates for Enderby City Council attended an all-candidates forum held at the local senior center on Wednesday evening, September 21.

Tundra Baird, Steve Campbell, Roxanne Davyduke, Blaise Pelletier, David Ramey, Brian Schreiner, Shawn Shishido and Sarah Yerhoff are vying for six seats in the city council elections on Saturday, October 15th.

Moderator Jackie Pearase started the evening by asking the candidates why they are running.

Campbell said his experience in subdivisions and development planning, as well as real estate, will be an asset to the city.

“There are two specific subdivisions in the town I’ve seen in the last 14 years I’ve lived here that I think are really bad, and I think bad decisions will affect Enderby’s future for a while.” “It was nice to be at the meeting and maybe give my opinion on it,” Campbell said. “But the future is the future, and hopefully I can help.”

Incumbent Schreiner is seeking another term with unfinished business in mind. He has been lobbying for ridesharing in Enderby for five years and says he will continue to do so.

Schreiner said he would focus on hosting more events for the community if given another term by voters.

“Armstrong has IPE, Salmon has Roots and Blues. We need something that puts us on the map so people come here,” he said.

Candidates were asked if they supported tax cuts, but a majority of them said tax cuts were impractical given the services they needed to provide.

“I would like to lower taxes, but unfortunately I don’t think I have the magic wand to make it happen,” Jahroff said. “Hopefully it gives us some creative ways to look at it and see what we can do with Enderby’s infrastructure and services. If we can cut costs, that’s great. ”

Asked what he could do about the impact of the opioid crisis in Enderby, Peltier said it’s a problem close to him because two of his friends have succumbed to the crisis in the past three years.

“We don’t have all the medical facilities we need,” Peletier said. “This is a very big crisis and I think it will be exacerbated by the housing crisis and inflation.”

“If I can, I will bring in resources that are experts in this area and have staff on hand to address issues in our local communities,” Pelletier added.

Incumbent candidate David Duke said the question gave him “goosebumps”.

She said the problem extends far beyond Enderby.

“I was at UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) last week and attended a workshop,” she said. “The community was overflowing. This is a concern across the board.”

Davyduke said efforts to solve the local opioid crisis must start with the health system and extend to the school system and the transportation sector.

Candidates were asked what would be Enderby’s biggest problem over the next four years. Incumbent Baird said it was difficult to narrow down the list to just a few issues.

She took her own pose and answered the question.

“How do we advocate for more room in our schools? When inviting, we say there is no place for your children.The center includes doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and has the potential to become a community alternative medicine lab.

Another incumbent, Shishido, cited hiring doctors as one of the city’s biggest problems. He said efforts to recruit doctors from other countries would be “barking up the wrong tree.”

“Since we started the doctor recruitment program, how many doctors have actually come and been placed here? Anyone? Zero,” he said. “So my thinking is that we need to create homegrown doctors … if we bring people from our own community and train here, they already have roots here, We’ve got family, we’ve got friends.

Raimy similarly listed the doctor shortage as a top priority.

“I think Enderby needs to be marketed aggressively as a place where doctors want to live and raise their families,” he said.

Affordable housing is important to Enderby, Lamy added.

“I have three children, all of whom have good jobs and can’t afford a house,” he said.

General Election Day is Saturday, October 15 from 8am-8pm Advance Election Day will be held on October 5 at Enderby City Hall from 8am-8pm Special for Parkview Place Residents You’ll also have the opportunity to vote on October 12th from 10am to 12pm.

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Council hopefuls have a voice in Enderby’s all-candidate forum – Vernon Morning Star

Source link Council hopefuls have a voice in Enderby’s all-candidate forum – Vernon Morning Star

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