Council avoids changing downtown routes in pedal pubs

After a 45-minute debate, the Niagara-on-the-Lake councilor decided to do nothing about the route of the pedal pub.

At the end of July, city councilors ordered town staff to work with pedal pubs to come up with alternative routes for business after a problem with a mobile pub running on two of the city’s busiest streets, Queen and Missisagua. ..

At the two-part council meeting that ended on September 3, councilors were primarily concerned about safety. Mayor Betty Dicello wanted a route that would allow the pedal pub to reach the winery. This attraction is not intended to operate in a residential area.

The route to the winery was incompatible with the business because the trip was too long, said Operations Director Sheldon Randall after discussing with the company.

Staff offered an alternative route to Congress on August 30th. On the new route, Pedal Pub routed Mary Street east, down King Street, pulled into the parking lot behind the old Courthouse, and jumped out to Queen Street to return home. Via Mississauga Street.

The staff recommended option was a pedal pub getting on and off behind the courthouse while in the old town. This is considered the safest option for customers and is the same area where the Heritage shuttle stops.

However, some councilors said this route was counterproductive.

“This seems worse than (the original route),” Coun said. Norm Arsenault said.

Arsenault was dissatisfied with the new route going down four main streets instead of the previous two pedal pubs.

He rolled down Missisagua Street, turned to Center Street, and then offered another route to the Queen Picton area using Simco Street.

Arsenault considered this a good compromise as the pub spends less time in Missisagua.

I didn’t get enough votes to pass.

Mr. Disero said he was worried about the safety of Queen Street during the operation of the pedal pub, a council of concern. Shared by Sandra O’Connor.

Coun. Erwin Wiens argued for the fairness of treating Pedal Pub like a similar business.

“If the pedal pub isn’t safe (on Queen Street), neither the horses and carriages nor the people parked in the middle of the road are safe. I’m just at the bank and the UPS truck stops at the dead center of the road and unloads. I was doing it, “said Wiens.

“I didn’t think it was dangerous to any of those people. There is no evidence that it is unsafe.”

Arsenault agreed that the horse and carriage business, and the congestion on Queen Street, actually slowed traffic and increased safety.

Coun. Allan Bisback favored Option 1, which you would have seen the Pedal Pub Park behind the court building disembark.

“We don’t seem to want to interfere with the routing of bike or shipping companies, but we seem to want to do that here, so I support the staff’s recommendations,” Bisbuck said. ..

Approval of the new route was defeated by a 5-3 vote by Wiens, Bisback and Coun. Claire Cameron voted for the new route. This defeat meant that the pedal pub was the original route by default.

“It was my horror when I spoke and said,’I’m going to run into a dilemma,'” said Disero.

Council avoids changing downtown routes in pedal pubs

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