Council approves additional two-year sales and supply agreement

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The City Council has passed a motion authorizing a sales supply and services agreement with Dale’s Snacks and Vending for an additional two-year period from September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2024.

Since September 2019, Dales Snacks and Vending has been stocking vending machines at City facilities with snacks, confectionery and beverages.

Under the new agreement, the City of Prince Albert will receive 21% of total sales from all snack vending machines and 30% of total sales from all beverage vending machines for each contract term across all locations. said to receive it.

Terra Lennox-Zepp was the only city council member to oppose the motion, and she said she believes the city should have a higher percentage of sales. She said the administration may be happy with the amount, but hopes the city can supply its own sweets instead.

Lennox Sepp said, “I know that some of our city facilities have city staff selling city products.”[But] I know it’s not possible in every building. ”

Mayor Greg Dionne said there were other intangibles involved, which made Dale’s bid most attractive.

Mayor Greg Dionne said: “The 21% number really went up because not a lot of people carry cash.They really work with us.”

Dionne told city staff to alert all city vendors before the big event happened in Prince Albert.

“There’s nothing worse than being on the second day of a major event and having all the vending machines empty,” he said. “It’s an inconvenience for our customers, and it’s certainly an inconvenience for us. We need to make sure we deliver the service.”


Council approves additional two-year sales and supply agreement

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