Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine: How Much Should You Pay for It?

The development of modern medicine allows people suffering from various forms of infertility to have children and experience the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. One of the best methods of infertility treatment is the method of surrogate motherhood. Doctors recommend this method for women who can’t conceive a child on their own, gay/lesbian couples, or couples who can’t have children for any other reason. Unfortunately, many still believe that this is expensive. But it is not so, and you can make sure of this by finding out the World Center of Baby Ukraine surrogacy cost from this article.

The essence of the method is the transfer of an embryo obtained from biological materials of genetic parents (under laboratory conditions) into the uterine cavity of a woman ready to bear a child. In this case, the woman carries and gives birth to a genetically alien child. Thus, the surrogate mother’s auxiliary function in the couple’s infertility treatment program.

The World Center of Baby agency helps couples become parents by turning to the help of a surrogate mother. Its services are available to everyone, including members of the LGBT community. It doesn’t matter if you have entered into a marriage (partnership) in your home country or are not in an officially registered relationship. The agency is ready to provide support in the birth of your baby.

There are two types of surrogate motherhood:

  • The surrogate mother is also the child’s biological mother since her egg is fertilized.
  • The biological material of future parents or a donor is used for fertilization, and the surrogate mother only bears the child.

As World Center of Baby states, in most cases, the Ukraine surrogacy cost includes services that genetic parents paid for:

  • Surrogacy in Ukraine cost compensation for all medical examinations, as well as procedures for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth;
  • Maintenance of a surrogate mother throughout the entire period of pregnancy in the clinic, which is at least two hundred dollars a month;
  • Remuneration to a surrogate mother after she gives birth to a baby, the cost of which varies.

In each case, the surrogacy Ukraine cost and compensation are negotiated in the contract. On average, the price of surrogacy in Ukraine is about $35,000.

What Is the Ukraine Surrogacy Cost and Isn’t It Prohibited by Law?

Unlike many other countries, Ukraine legally allows surrogate motherhood and introduces a clear understanding of who can use a surrogate mother’s services. The World Center of Baby agency strictly adheres to all the rules. In addition, the legislation contains requirements for surrogate mothers.

In Ukraine, the use of the services of a surrogate mother is fully protected by law, which spells out all the nuances such as the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and controversial issues of surrogate motherhood. First of all, unlike many countries in Europe and worldwide, the so-called commercial surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine. That is, the gestational courier receives financial compensation for her services.

And another significant advantage of Ukrainian legislation concerning surrogate motherhood is that, according to the law, a baby born using surrogate motherhood is the baby of a person or a couple treated for infertility. The surrogate mother has no right to the child. So, Ukraine is the perfect country for taking part in the program.


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