Commission finds former Penticton massage therapist committed sexual misconduct

A former Penticton massage therapist will have to wait to find out the fate of workplace sexual misconduct.

Leonard Clekic, who has worked in Penticton and other cities in British Columbia, was found guilty by a disciplinary committee on August 5 of his occupational malpractice while treating multiple female patients between 2012 and 2019. I was found guilty of cheating and unprofessional behavior.

Six former clients of Krekić have filed complaints against him at B.C.’s College of Massage Therapists, beginning with a complaint filed in 2019. Their names outline the reasons behind the panel’s decision. Compiled in a public report.

Krekić lived or worked in White Rock, Surrey, and Penticton, treating patients, but only the last patient is known to have received special treatment in Penticton.

In addition to the allegations from the six patients, the university will also keep them up to date when it moves to the location Krekić served after issuing orders early in the investigation in 2019. We also found that they failed to do so and did not provide patient reports. See, he had no chaperone during his appointments with female patients, and continued to practice treatment without liability insurance for a period of time.

Krekić’s registration as a massage therapist was suspended in February 2020, and a hearing on the allegations was held in 2021. In October 2020, Krekić resigned from his CMTBC registration.

In addition to multiple reports of inappropriate touching of patients, including on the genitals, Krekić had multiple patients claim to have made inappropriate comments, including offering to pray for them.

Krekić also developed a close personal relationship with a sixth patient. A sixth patient had helped him rent out his possessions because his reputation had been “damaged.”

A sixth patient said that after he moved out of the apartment he was renting from Krekic, he saw things clearly and immediately went to complain.

The decision was that it was “intertwined with Christianity and manipulation…. I was so vulnerable that I think he saw it and took advantage of it.”

A decision by the committee was made on August 5, but the university and Krekić must put in writing the appropriate penalties and costs before the committee can make a final decision on Krekić’s fate.

The full 186-page report outlining the reasons behind the panel’s decision is available on the college’s website.

Two of the patients testified that they had gone to the RCMP with complaints against Krekić. Neither of the allegations have been brought to court, and Krekić appears to have no criminal record.

When asked for comment, the Penticton RCMP said it did not comment on the existence of the investigation.

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sexual misconduct

Commission finds former Penticton massage therapist committed sexual misconduct

Source link Commission finds former Penticton massage therapist committed sexual misconduct

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