Colorado mother guilty of conspiracy to kidnap Kanon

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DENVER — A Colorado mother accused of plotting to kidnap her son from a foster home after her teenage daughter said he started dating a QAnon conspiracy theory supporter, pleaded guilty to a second-degree kidnapping Friday. He was found guilty of conspiracy to conspire.

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Cynthia Abcug, 53, has denied being involved in planning a raid on the foster home where her then-7-year-old son lived in the fall of 2019. He lied that he had seizures and other health problems to trick doctors into providing unnecessary care.

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A jury also found Abcug guilty of a misdemeanor of child abuse. She is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

Her son, now 10, is still in foster care and has not had any serious health problems since being removed from Abcug, prosecutors said.

Abcug’s attorneys suggested that drugs prescribed to treat seizures were responsible for at least some of the boy’s health problems. Doctors began weaning him off medication before he was taken out of Abcug’s custody.

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In the fall of 2017, Abcug moved his family to Colorado at the suggestion of a Florida doctor in hopes that neurologists at Children’s Hospital of Colorado could pinpoint the cause of his health problems.

Abcug testified that after his son was taken away in May 2019, he became very anxious and asked on social media for help in getting him back. She told jurors that she was working on reforming the family court system and that she was to meet members of the group who offered to help her legally get her son back. turned out to be a scam by members interested in stealing money collected online to help

She did not say the group was involved with QAnon, but said she had heard references to the conspiracy theory from people she met through their online activities.

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Many of QAnon’s supporters believe that former President Donald Trump is fighting the so-called Deep State enemies to create a group of satanic, cannibalistic child abusers who they believe secretly run the world. I believe you are exposing.

Around this time, Abcug posted on social media that social workers had taken the child to sell and sent it to another country for adoption.

Conspiracy theories were not the main issue at trial, and the emphasis was on detailed testimony from health care providers and educators regarding Abcug’s medical history.

Abcug said he heard references to QAnon while talking to people he met online. Police said they found a rubber bracelet bearing the phrase “Storm Is On Us” used by QAnon supporters and a printout of a website known for posting about QAnon at his home in Abu Kag. was done.

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Abcug’s daughter, who was 16 at the time, told authorities she was worried because her mother had been talking about the raid on the foster home for months. From her home, according to Abcug’s arrest affidavit. Her daughter also told them her mother allowed veterans, who were believed to be armed, to sleep on their couches to ensure their safety.

Abcug said the group she worked with arranged for a man to be sent to protect her after the lock on the sliding door behind her was found broken. He was identified by police but no charges have been filed. In response to questions from her jury, she admitted that she had never met him before allowing him to stay with her.

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Abcug said he bought a gun recently because he feared for his safety, but he missed a training class appointment and had never fired a gun. Police found the appointment listed on a whiteboard calendar in the house, and Abcug’s daughter was also removed from the house after reporting concerns.

After her daughter was taken away, Abcug said the man who was providing security coordinated with others to take her to a “safe house” and said that she had acted against her will. Abcug said her phone was taken from her and she was held for three months in a hotel.

Abcug was arrested in Montana on December 30, 2019.

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Colorado mother guilty of conspiracy to kidnap Kanon

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