Clearance Bar-Halifax Coming to McKay Bridge After “Dramatic Increase” in Canopy Strike

The McKay Bridge between Halifax and Dartmouth has become somewhat regular. Large cars are too expensive to fit under the concrete canopy and are stuck at the tollhouse.

Commuter Mary Bottomley said, “It can be very frustrating and heavy, especially if you’re trying to get over it.”

In that case, Halifax social media users often post images online immediately and make jokes about “counter resets.”

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“There have been an unusual number of canopy strikes this year,” said Steve Proctor, Communications Manager at Halifax Harbor Bridges.

So far, 18 vehicles have collided with the canopy. Last year there were four people throughout the year.

“It was definitely a dramatic increase,” said Proctor.

“I don’t know why. People entering the tollhouse can be too hot or too fast, whether they are in different COVID situations or often careless of the driver. . “

Early warning system

When a vehicle hits the canopy, an investigation is conducted and usually a driver is issued.

All 18 strikes this year brought in a $ 400 ticket to destroy the bridge’s assets, Proctor said.

The recent canopy strike at McKay Bridge was Wednesday.

“We’ve been investigating the problem for weeks and months and have considered solutions ranging from signage to pavement marking,” he said.

“As the problem continued, we decided we needed an OK, early warning system.”

Steve Proctor says the Halifax Harbor Bridge will begin installing clearance bars on the McKay Bridge.

Callum Smith / Global News

According to Proctor, bridge authorities plan to install clearance bars about 10-12 feet in front of both the Halifax and Dartmouth aisles, so if these tall trucks are too big to fit. Will feel “rattling”. Through the bridge.

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Although these bars are near the bridge itself, Proctor said the vehicle needed to slow down anyway and the toll speed limit was 25km / h.

“I think we can solve the whole problem if everyone pays a little more attention when approaching tolls,” he said.

“If everyone pays attention, we can help solve the problem.”

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Tractor trailer hits McKay Bridge tollhouse, repairs can take weeks

Proctor said the ultimate plan was to get rid of the canopy altogether, but that probably won’t happen in the next few years.

“The long-term plan is to secure flow-through traffic in every way, using video toll collection that can get rid of the tollhouse system,” he said.

“Would you like to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to safely change these structures and close the bridge to get the job done? Or wait for the charges to come pretty quickly? Do you want to expect? “

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Clearance Bar-Halifax Coming to McKay Bridge After “Dramatic Increase” in Canopy Strike

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