Christian Koloko adds the rim protection needed for the Raptors

With the only pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors won Christian Koloko at the University of Arizona Junior Center in 33rd place overall.

He’s a seasoned shot-blocking rim protector with quick feet that should be able to switch across the floor, and seems to be the defense center Toronto needed for his secondary and tertiary lineups.

Let me explain a little more about Koroko.

Year: twenty two
school: Arizona
position: center
height: 7 feet 1 | weight: 230 pounds
2021-22 Statistics: PPG: 12.6 | RPG: 7.3 | APG: 1.4 | BPG: 2.8 | FG%: 63.5

Defender who can do anything

The first thing that stands out to you about Koroko is his dimensions. With a wingspan of 7 feet 4, he was one of the best rim protectors in college basketball last season, averaging 2.8 blocks per game before winning the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year.

The need for rim protection from the Raptors’ fives talks about nightmares from almost every corner of the team’s fandom, and Koroko needs to handle it comfortably.

He has length, natural timing, and the ability to jump quickly enough to allow him to be both strongside and weakside shot blockers.

But even more exciting than his ability to set aside shots is how Koroko’s foot fleet is. He boasts foot speed and lateral speed that projects him for easy switching. In short, it must be a valuable and adaptable piece for defensive use by Nick Nurse’s head coach.

The nurse and his staff love to play the same amount of switching and zone schemes and need to be able to play pick and roll with one-on-one coverage between Koroko’s quick legs. Playing the goalkeeper around the rim of the zone should provide a seamless fit to the defensive side of the ball.

Direct contributor

One of the knocks on Koroko is that he is already 22 years old. This suggests that there may not be many developing runways to squeeze out of him. But he came to basketball later in his life, so there may still be a development period there.

However, Koroko believes that he is a person who can immediately intervene and contribute to the Raptors because he meets the clear needs of the backup center team and he is not the one the Raptors do not have. Familiar with.

Immediately after Toronto made the choice, the nurse talked about Koroko’s choice, mentioning the fact that the Raptors had been looking at the young man for a while, giving him friendliness and comfort, and the next direction. The season has already begun to call on his role towards.

The Raptors have been paying attention to Koroko since he first found Koroko in a borderless basketball camp in 2017.

“I saw him quite a bit. I saw him playing quite a bit,” said the nurse. “It’s always confusing. I hope so. I think he’s probably in a position to fight there and save time.”

There are some interesting coincidences with Siakam

Coincidence, Koroko is also from Douala, Cameroon, the same hometown as Pascal Siakam.

Koroko does not have a similar background to Siakam. He was a more highly touted high school freshman and headed for Arizona’s Power Conference School, but in their way there may be some shared history between the two attacks. Game may occur.

At this point, Koroko is expected to pose a threat to the rim running lobs coming out of the pick and roll, but it’s unlikely to jump into the three-point line. In three seasons and 91 college games, he was 0-5 from a distance.

This was similar to Siakam, who was 3 to 17 in 68 college games over two seasons in New Mexico. He was primarily used as a traditional tycoon and was not a flowering, multifaceted All-NBA wing. Since then.

This doesn’t mean that Koroko will be a player with the high level of versatile skill set that Siakam is proud of, but given the fact that he shot 73.5% from last season’s free throw line, he can draw from him. There are certainly a lot of things shot at college than just 5 attempts from a range of 3 points.

“You’re worried that it will take a while when they’re really low free throw shooters, but I imagine we’ll try to push him out there, and I think he’s zero. I’m sure he’ll make more of his career here, “said the nurse when asked about concerns about his shooting strokes.

Christian Koloko adds the rim protection needed for the Raptors

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